Monday, August 15, 2005

Those LIPS!

There they were, perfect, soft, with a great set of teeth right behind them. At first Luke's mouth wasn't really that striking, but as the evening progressed and we pressed on with our 2 for 1 beers and $3.80 bloody mary's we soon noticed the mouth.

So this is Luke...cute, blondish brown hair, lawyer, a wisconsinite, very nice, smart, with a good sense of humor, and lips that go for days. No, not lashes or legs, but lips. It's a rare thing these days to find a guy with great lips...I mean think about it. We abuse our lips all the time and I don't know too many men who regulary apply moisturizer or sunblock to keep the soft and unchapped. So you can imagine what a shock it was to see a guy with these perfect lips! I KNOW I was not the only person that noticed them. There was a lot of caressing and smiling and blatant in your face flirting that night at the Buck...Maybe it was the Wisconsin air or the anticipation of finally seeing a Meth addict, I don't know, I don't know, but everything was VERY exciting about that night.

Alas, we did not suck those lips, we were just not up for the threesome that night, although the indepth conversation about vibrators and other pleasing topics did get all of us going. There was no way any ONE of us were going to let lucsious Luke go, so we took our drunk asses home. Just a note to Luke wherever you always have a place to rest your lips in New York.

P.S. Post weekend follow up confirms he thinks we are "Smokin' hot".

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The many "interesting" people you meet

Meet Jon, AKA ,psycho!
So he calls me on a wed night to make plans to grab a cup of coffee the next week at 7pm. I knew I was heading down to DC for the weekend and coming back on Monday afternoon but what the hell I though I could make it by 7. I prob could've, looking back on the whole thing now, but I just didn't care enough and wanted a break from all the travelling and shit. So I emailed him at 3 and told him I was still in DC could we reschedule...Maybe this was a huge request to some, but to me it wasn't such a big deal. Life gets in the way sometimes and we work around it right? Well, Mr. Psycho decided that this behavior is unacceptable and in his words, "what do you think this is? No, I don't want to rechedule. We are 4 hours from out date and you're still 100's of miles away." uhmmm yeh, red flag #1!!!! most women would have just been like, well, ok that's it ciao, but me, the idiot, thought he was kidding and wrote back something like, "oh stop, let's just do it tomorrow." yeh, he wasn't kidding because then he called me an asshole and a fucking tramp. Seriously, I've never seen anything like it! Here's a guy I'm meeting for a CUP OF FUCKING COFFEE, calling me a tramp and and asshole! So I told him he has problems and needs to take his meds...Damn, I wish I could cut and paste the whole convo...
My question is, what is wrong with this guy?!!! I know that most men are not like this, because hearing the reactions of my guy friends, which were, "is that guy nuts," reassured me that most men are pretty normal. But, come on!!!! Can you imagine if I'd gone out with this guy and one time I was late for dinner?!!! That might have been grounds for killing me with a butter knife! What a nut!

I guess this whole experience has taught me that you have to watch out! oh! and I'm NEVER meeting a guy for coffee ever again. That's going to be red flag #1!!!!!!