Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Comments

So last night I watched the Oscars along with a billion other people. It was nice to see Marty Scorsese finally win. I def got excited! Hellen Mirren...ok, she's the hottest woman over 60, no exception! WOW! Ellen did a great job hosting...wish there had been more of her! Those dancers behind the screen were awesome! Best part of the show!

The hands down best dress woman of the night, was Rachel Weisz. Seriously, that woman looked incredible! From her hair to her make-up, to her dress and shoes...she reigned supreme. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised...she is one of the most elegant women is Hollywood today.

BAD...Cameron Diaz. The dress was ok, she took a chance and well, she has a kick ass body so it's not like she's going to look really terrible in anything, but the hair was god awful and her make-up...where was it? I think my favorite thing on her were those earrings! wow!

Jennifer Hudson...what the hell was that? And don't come at me with, "well it's going to be so instyle to wear this little jackets..." OH HELL NO! She is a big girl, I'm a big girl...I look fatter in these things and so did she! She does NOT need added puff in her shoulders, she already has nice shoulders! The dress was pretty, it was just that...pretty. I liked the pockets and she look comfy in it. The skin tone was so close to the color of the dress and her make-up was so fantastic that I would have like to see her in another color... the gold dress she had on at the press box was awesome!

Celine Dion...stunning! I loved everything about her dress and look last night. It was so refreshing to not see a pleat or a just flowed so well.

Nicole Kidman...ok ok, enough with the long straight hair already! The dress was awesome and she looked fantastic in it. It was one of my favs of the night, but the hair color was a little brassy and made her face look yellow. BUT...she was so beautiful it's hard to say anything bad.
Gweneth Paltrow... When I first saw her all I could say was, "what?" but then I took a closer look and she actually looked ok. The dress was really quite beautiful. It had nice details and the the actual shape of the dress was drop dead hot! I don't know about the color, but she def wore the didn't wear her. Her hair...same as Nicole's...fine.
If I looked anything like Gweneth I'd thank my lucky stars and wear whatever I wanted...

Kate Winslet...looked like a key lime puff. It was ok...nothing special at all...I love it when she wears deep jewel tones...she just sparkles so much more like that.
Cate Blanchett...She always looks incredible! I kind of felt like she was wearing a suit of armor at first, but then with that one shoulder cap and her stunning figure...she looked fantastic. The color was cool too..very different. And if you had a chance to see her earrings...they were so amazing!

Reese Witherspoon...lovely, pretty, sharp, confident! I LOVED this dress! her hair was very cute as well. She went with the long and straight, but thank god did NOT brush it all to one side like some others...and the bangs were very chic on her...normally I would say ick to bangs but she pulled it off!

Kirsten Dunst...terrible silver big bird...what the F was that shit?! yuck! and she does not look good in bangs...totally fugly! was ok...I think it must have been better in person because people were raving! I'll give her the benefit of the doubt because she did look very pretty!

Jennifer Lopez...My third favorite dress of the night! She looked perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

All in all I'd like to applaud the stylists of this years Oscars! They did a fantastic job! It's always so obvious to me when a celeb tries to dress themselves...Meryl Streep...last night...did not use a stylist. Anne Hathaway should shoot her stylist and why oh why did Valentino make that dress?! At least no one fell or wore John Paul Gautier...;)

I'd give this Oscar a 6.

Friday, February 23, 2007


So a quick update...Wedding planning is wrapping up:) We finalized the photographer, the transportation, the invites. Now the only thing left is setting up the rooms at the hotel for us. And let me just say, the W Hotel is not making this easy or fun.

This place has no system in place for a bride and groom. Basically, they give you a really nice suite for the night of your wedding and that's bridal suite or place for the groom to get ready...nada. You have to book 2 additional suites the night before and then hope to god they let you do a late check out so that you're not left in the cold at noon. What it came down to was that I have to book this great suite that happens to cost a fortune for that extra night just to make sure there's a place for me to get ready and a place for my bridal party to put their dresses on! And well, Ken is still deciding what he's going to do. Such a mess and so RUDE! I don't think I'll ever recommend the W to anyone ever again. I just think they have way too many weird rules and stuff and it's just too pricey to deal with that shit.

Let's hope that the food is great and the service is excellent the day of the wedding...God help them if it's not. I have no plans of being stressed out the day of my wedding or letting anything get to me:) I mean, it's going to be great no matter what!

Other than that, the bridesmaid dresses should be arriving very soon! yay! and my wedding dresses should be getting here sometime next month! oh please let them fit!

I think that's it for now...I'm sure something will pop up, but for right now we're just hanging out.

We're trying to make sure everything with the new apt is in order. We have to submit our board package next week sometime, so cross your fingers that it's going to go through! And then I move out of my current apartment on the 14th. Insane. I can't actually imagine doing that, but it's going to happen very soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Angry People

I have a hard time relating to angry people. I think it's because I'm the type of person who gets mad, explodes, and then just goes back to being normal happy and content. So when I'm caught off guard by one of these angry people I don't know what to do.

Last night I was getting into the elevator of my building with Oscar, my little dog. We had just said good night to Ken and I have to say I had a big smile on my face as I entered the cabin.

I unhooked Oscar's leash because I saw that we were getting off first, not that he would EVER run out...he's such a good dog. The guy in the elevator says, "Keep your dog away from me, I hate dogs." I was so shocked I just stared at him...and then the words came to me. So I asked him, "you hate dogs, yet you moved into a pet friendly building where dogs are abundant?" and he says, " I hate rats." Can you believe this guy? This middle aged, balding, not attractive, angry man!!!? So I told him I thought he was as asshole and that that Oscar didn't like him either. And then! As I got off the elevator he yelled, "rat!" So I yelled back "Ugly Douche Bag." Mature, I know...but come on! Who does that?! An Angry person does that.

I ran into my apartment and called down to the doorman to ask who this guy was and of course the first thing he said was, "he's an angry evil man." He then told me that he has been very mean to many people in the building and has had full on physical fights with a few dog owners as well. This is the guy that when his wife had a baby, went around to everyone on his floor threatening them if they smoked a cigarette in their apts or lit a candle...WOW!

Well, I just had to vent becuase I don't understand people like that. He must have a terrible life if he has to be that mean to a little dog.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Flats for the season...seriously, why wear heels and suffer when you can wear these!

I have always loved high heels, but at 5'11 it gets tricky and not to mention painful! And I don't wear cheap shoes either, so even though they're balanced and pretty, they still hurt and I find myself sitting most of the time when I go out...and if I'm not sitting I'm thinking about it.

Below are some flats I think everyone can wear:

These are adorable!!!! Little. Yellow. Different. Corso Como flats are wonderful, comfortable and durable.

Python is THE print for spring...Just wait and see...I can't tell you how much of it I've sent out to pubs for april/may issues! This shoes is fabulous and perfect for everyday!

These Sam Edelman ballet flats are just too cute for words, and I can tell you they are a super delicate and pretty shoe. I tried these on the minute they came into the office and haven't stopped staring at them since!

Pretty, pretty pretty! What a pefect spring flat and not overpriced.Oscar does a great job with these.

I LOVE these Jeffrey Campbell flats! They go with jeans, skirts, pants...whatever!!! And they come in great transition colors as well, so in case you're not ready to jump into yellow, this is a great way to make the move.

If you don't like these Sam Edelman shoes, well...I don't really know what to say...They are so fun and when you put them on you feel fabulous! The color isn't too in your face and they are so feminine!
I promise you'll love them.