Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another Update much has happened! I don't even know where to start, there are so many things I want to talk about.
Wedding season has begun...Ken and I attended a fabulous wedding on Memorial Day weekend! Miss Ilana and Mike looked amazing and hosted a wonderful event complete with a day of sunshine, good food, drinks and a little hava nagila...God I love the horah! The weekend was great and we spent a bunch of time in the hotel, which was the home base for many many families attending Sesame Place, located .2 miles from the hotel...super. I don't like other peoples children and I especially don't like screaming kids sopping wet yelling, "more elmo, more elmo." But, we survived Elmo and had a great time in the process.

We purchased more furniture...I know, I know...super is for me:) We got some end tables an ottoman and a rug. Now our living room is complete! I love coming home to my amazing apartment everyday...such a nice calm feeling. I was looking at apartments with my cousin the other day. She's planning on buying a studio in the next month or so and holy crap! I totally forgot how crappy NY apartments are when you are buying your first place. I went through that 5 years ago, but was lucky enough to find an awesome convertible studio with lot's of windows and light. But my goodness! Some of these places were awful! I'm talking the size of a bedroom with a bathroom going for $450k~! You have to sacrifice certain things for space and I'm sure she'll find a good one, but wow...I'm so thankful for my beautiful apartment.

On another note, I'm trying to go organic. It's hard, VERY HARD. I attempted to switch to organic shampoo and hair turns out gross and so hard to brush. Face stuff...smells pretty bad if it's really organic...toothpaste...yuck! But seriously people, they put Sodium Laurel Sulfate in EVERYTHING...and it's so bad for you! they use that stuff in floor cleaner and it's not only terrible for you body, but also for the environment. Alas, it makes my hair pretty and my teeth not grimy. Oh! and the deodorant Ammonia is bad for your pits...say it with me, "Ammonia is bad for my pits." But here's the you want to smell like ass and live longer without the threat of cancer in your glands and boobs or do you want to be fresh and clean and not have people stare at you as if you are a walking garbage can...tough decisions here people... I'd like to stay cancer free and keep my boobs AND not that too much to ask? I guess so because between two of us, we've tried Every single organic option and we smell. so I'm back to my degree ultra for the moment...i can feel the ammonia seeping into my skin...bastard.

An update on my flax seed oil and ground flax seed progress. It works. My hair is great, has stopped falling out. My stomach is 90% better than before and that's a HUGE breakthrough for me! So take it.