Friday, March 24, 2006

Confessions of a product addict...the latest in my collection

Over the years I've tried almost every product on the it for hair, face, nails, body, me, I've tried it. Lately my quest have been to find the perfect hair products. It's tough because I dye my hair which means everything has to be color safe and gentle blah blah blah... AND I don't want to spend $50 a bottle...But I came across a some products that have been very good for my hair and so I'd like to share them.

Freeman's- Pure color fresh shine shampoo and conditioner are fantastic! Love the smell, the texture and most of all it leaves my hair super soft! And it's relatively the $6 range depending on where you buy it.

Aussie 3 min treatment- Another great product. Don't love the smell so much. Kind of reminds me of my 3rd grade scratch n' sniff grape stuff and markers, but it really does the job. IF you just got your hair done and it's a little on the rough side, get this and use it for a week. If you can put it in and then wrap your head in some plastic wrap and put a towel on it...even better! You'll thank me!

Bain De Terre- the Shampoo and conditioners leave you hair feeling like silk! Seriously one of my favorite products, but it's not cheap, so I use sparingly... LOVE the smell of this. My stylist also uses this product and whenever I leave there my hair smell and shines something fierce!

Fructis serum for shine- uhmmm I swear by this product. I don't think I ever leave the house without it on my ends...It seals everything and adds a hint of shine just to make sure you know how fabulous you look...And is smells great. It mixes well with most products too. Just be careful, don't put too much on the top of your is a serum after all...

Halo- The smell of these products are unbeatable...That's how Halo and I met...I smelled someone's hair and asked them what they used. But, that's not all...Halo is an amazing expensive product. It really repairs hurting hairs...I swear...I've seen what it can do.

Pantene- The crack of hair products...Soooo bad for you , but soooo good at the same time. My stylist tells me over and over again not to use these products, but do I listen? NO! That softness, sleekness and shine are unbeatable! AND FOR THAT PRICE! Still hate the smell, but alas, what can I do...I'm addicted.

That's all for right month will be another story...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

This might just explain it all...thank you Susan Miller!!!

"Someone you are dealing with now will reveal his or her true character and intent, so March should be quite an eye-opener. You've been working under a great deal of uncertainty lately, but that phase is due to end. Although you may not necessarily like all that you hear now, at least you'll know where you stand. After March is over, you'll be able to plot your course with much a greater sense of certainty."
Damn Mercury in retrograde! hehehe always messes me up!

To say anything more about the situation would be...well, it would just be tacky...and I'd like to think I'm better than that. Good luck to everyone with a new blog!

Moments of weakness...that pass.

Sometimes I think owning my own company is more of a pain in the ass than anything else, but then at then end of the day when I do my team meeting and recap I'm just so overwhelmed by a feeling of pride in the people who work with me and that they are so capable and amazing! Vanessa had dinner last night with a, editor at Vogue and they started talking about Spread and the editor was so funny because she thought we were some medium sized firm that had been in the business for years. V just laughed and said, well, if you call 3 girls and a guy in a fabulous pink room medium sized then we're you're team! hehe oh well, it's just good to know that everything I've worked so hard for over the past 2 years is paying off and we can be proud of it. Maybe one day I'll look back on these times of hurrying to get pitches done and just flying by the seat of my pants in new business meetings fondly, and laugh about how sometimes we "just made it happen." Sometimes I'm just floored at what we do and how we get by every month, but hey! I guess this is what it's all about right? That, and I have serious problems with authority...hehehe

Something to look forward to:)

After a stressful weak of dealing with being deathly ill, working on a million new business items and pitching business like my life depended on, meeting with people who all want something from me and fighting with friends, which always sucks, I'm happy to announce I'm getting the hell out of this city for a fabulous week of rest and relaxation in the sun in amazing St. Maarten. This is just another one of those magical places where the smell of the air can take away any stress you might be feeling. It will also be the first full week my boyfriend and I spend together in one place with no outs:) hehehe It should be a fun trip, with I'm sure many new discoveries:)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sushi Samba rocks!

So this past Saturday night a few of us decided to try the tasting menu at the fabulous Sushi Samba! With boyfriends in tow, along with some fantastic out of towners, we embarked on a night of sushi and sake:)

We started the first course with some amazing calamari, salad and beef skewers! I've never seen calamari disappear so fast and I have to confess, but I was responsible for the dent in one of them...SOOOOO GOOD!!! The next course was 2 huge round trays of sushi and sashimi! Some tasty eel, salmon, shrimp tempura rolls, spicy tuna rolls and all the wasabi you can dream of! The third course was this incredible chillean sea bass and chicken teriyaki with these purple mashed potatoes! Simply delightful! The final round was desert...this cake type thing that people seemed to like and then this great chocolate banana cake with ice cream...uhmmm yeh...I ate one...oh yes i did:) YUMMY!!!

I have to say, as much as I don't usually enjoy the "group dining" experience, i really had fun this time...maybe it was the crowd or the delicious sake, I don't know...but i do know it was fun and worth every penny:)