Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Product Alert!

So I have to share a few new products I've been using that I really really like. I realize you all have your favorites and I always welcome new tips, but maybe, just maybe I can help a little too:)

Hair stuff:
Sunsilk ThermaShine-
This stuff is great! I went to the store the other day is search of a cheap alternative to my Terax, which by the way is the best conditioner EVER made...But alas, it's something like $20 a small bottle so I have to conserve on weekdays when I know my hair doesn't have to be at 100%. But I've found the answer! This Sunsilk stuff is great! It smells pretty good, makes your hair super silky and then it boosts the shine big time when you take a hair dryer to it! And it feels good all day...A heads up though, if you want body and bigger hair, this is not for you. This makes it super smooth and flat.

Face Stuff:
Dr. Hauschka- What a line! I was a little nervous to buy it because it's not cheap and well, you never know with organic products what's going to happen three days later, so I purchased her started kit for like $18. It has little samples of everything...enough for like 2 weeks. It all smells very earthy and you can actually smell the different ingredients. It's not rough on your skin and really works towards creating balance. I especially love the deep cleanser! But, I also don't encourage people with super oily skin to use her moisturizers in the summer get a little shiny... What can you do though, is every other day before you go to bed, instead of using her moisture cream, use that Neutrogena 3 in 1 preventative face gel to help keep pores clean and your skin zit free. The combo is working for me, so try it.

Quench black soap face wash: This is an awesome face cleanser. It's totally natural,but safely balanced and it cleans your skin wonderfully. The line is only sold online, but I got a sample and I actually really like the whole collection. Black soap is a cleanser that's been made is Africa for 100's of years and this girl from up here has decided to create fair trade groups with these African women to make her this cleanser and she pays them to fund their education and health's all very cool. Check it out:

I think that's it for now...but I'm sure I'll find more!

A few brands I'm loving:
Three custom color
Colgate toothpaste
Dyanne Belle jewelery

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mid summer...I can't believe how fast it goes.

So I realize I haven't written in a while...things have been pretty busy around here. Most weekend have been away, actually ALL weekends so it's been pretty hard to really sit down and write. Work has also been crazy which is surprising...summer is usually super slow.

After Ilana's wedding launched wedding season things really started moving. Jill's bachelorette party was a few weeks later in the hills of Pennsylvania right outside of Pittsburgh. We had a great time veggin at her amazing house and hitting up the VFW and American Legion for some fun in the parking lot... oh yeh, we got kicked out of the American Legion due to lack of membership cards....pretty damn funny! But overall the weekend was awesome.

My bridal shower was about 3 weeks ago now. It was a lovely surprise and so beautifully done! It was at my home and it was a very elegant garden party. I loved every minute of it:) I didn't really think it would be my thing, but it was great and I'd do it again every weekend if I could. VERY fun!

Then my birthday...I'm officially in my late 20's now. I have to say I wasn't really that excited about my birthday this year, with all the wedding stuff going on and people doing so much for me with regards to that it's hard to expect anyone to get all pumped about me turning 27...I mean it was just a normal day and it was great. My parents came in, we went to was nice. The next day I had an event for work that I had been stressing about for a few weeks, which turned out fantastic and we followed that up with a fabulous dinner downtown with some friends in honor of my bday. Overall it was an awesome birthday and I loved the low key ness of it all.

This past weekend was Jill's wedding. We flew out 9am Saturday morning, went to the wedding and flew back the next morning. We were so tired it was hard to speak. But it was a very fun time and so good to see all my friends. I think one of the best things about all these weddings is getting to see everyone so often. I LOVE it! I can look forward to the next two years of seeing every one on a pretty regular basis.

hmmm...what else...went to see Die fun!

oh! I knew there was a story I wanted to's kind of gross so if you get grossed out my talk of poop, stop reading now.

So get this, I was walking home a week or so ago, i was at 35th and park ave. and I see this man ( mind you, I'm 5 feet away) pull down his pants in broad daylight, bend over at the waist and shoot shit out of his ass!!!!!! I'm not kidding you! he didn't even squat, just bent over and it flew out of his butt like 5 feet! It was insane! Then he just pulled his pants up and walked away....I didn't know what to do, laugh, cry, run was so amazing. One of those things you just don't forget.

With regards to the organic stuff...I had to stop taking the fish oil and flax seed oil because it was seriously messing up my stomach. The actual ground Flax seed is still great...I eat it everyday and would strongly suggest it to everyone. The whole shampoo thing is a bust...I'm back to using my good old Pantene. Face stuff, I've gone organic and I'm happy about it. It's not always the best smelling stuff, but it's nice to know exactly what's on my skin.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!~