Monday, April 23, 2007

Our new home

The moves went awesome...both of them...ken on Tuesday me on Wednesday. We're pretty much settled in and even introduced Oscar to his new home yesterday. He had been staying with my parents in Jersey till we moved and painted and all that fun stuff. I think Oscar was a little freaked out by the whole thing. He was like, "all my stuff is here, and the rugs smell right, but this is definitely not my home..." poor kid. And he won't go out on the terrace just yet either. He'll get used to the place slowly and with our new massive bed all three of us can sleep without competing for bed space:) THIS makes me very happy!

I cooked my first meal in our new place last night. I made Veal paprikas...I'm proud to say it turned out pretty damn good! We had a nice meal together and then headed to Pink Berry for dessert. I'm not ashamed to admit it...I'm obsessed with the stuff. I eat it for lunch and after dinner. It's refreshing and makes my stomach feel good. I can't say enough good things. It should be located on every other corner...maybe take over some of those awful tasti delight spots. Damn that shit is bad! I never noticed till I had Pink Berry!

Went to one of my best friends bachelorette party this weekend as well in Philly...busy busy...We had a blast! I always leave them and wish so hard that they all lived here. It takes so much for me to be like, "OK, now it's time to leave and see you again in a few months." It just doesn't seem right, but it's not changing anytime soon so I'm just going to value the time we do spend together. It's just such an amazing feeling when we're all together...kind of like when you get to have your favorite meal and watch your favorite movie, while totally relaxing on the couch on a day off from work...that total comfort. The wedding is 5 weeks!!! Holy Crap!

So for right now things are great! I can't wait for the summer and weekends at the shore...time to just relax and eat flavor ice while sunning on the deck. Our wedding is getting closer and closer, which makes me super excited and I have a feeling there are going to be some proposals coming up amongst some of my best friends! EVEN BETTER! It's just a happy time:)

Monday, April 16, 2007


We closed on the apt...thank god! It all went very well and there was no tension or any bad feelings. Usually those things are so tense thanks to all the lawyers, but mostly we chatted about honeymoon locations and how the flip tax in NYC sucks royally. It was over in an hour...I wrote out some big checks, handed over any money I had and left with a huge debt and keys to our new apt! Very exciting! We ran over there and just walked around our new space with huge smiles on our faces loving every inch of it.

The weekend was consumed with painting and running around getting stuff for the new place. Sunday Ken scrubbed the bathroom walls and I helped wash it all down...I cleaned all the closets and started to organize everything. By Sunday night the apt was repainted and ready to be moved into. Tomorrow morning Ken moves in and then Wed is my big day:) It's all kind of hard to believe, but it's real and this is my new home. We live together, we own property together,we share a massive debt, we have our dishes that we will be using for the next 5 to 10 years...AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!

On a different note...the vitamin situation has become this...Flax Seed Oil and Fish Oil with OMega-3/Omega-6... plus a multi vitamin. On a tip from a good friend, she mentioned the fish oil...and even though it smell terrible, she says her skin is amazing from it.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Almost there

Wow! Pretty much the perfect word to describe what has been going on with the closing on our new apartment. I'm just amazed at the entire process and how many freakin people have to come together to make this work. It's really quite baffling if you think about it...especially in Manhattan. The fact that 6 parties have to be available at the EXACT SAME time is virtually impossible to even imagine in this city. Everyone is always busy and doing something to expect 6 different parties to converge at let's say 11AM on a Friday for 2 well...asking a hell of a lot from a higher power...But, it's happening.

FRIDAY 11AM we're closing and God help me if anything goes wrong or if anyone gets sick...I will be there if my leg is in a brace and I've broken out in head to toe hives! I WILL BE THERE AND SO SHOULD THEY! But, seriously, this process has been such a pain in the ass. We waited and waited and waited for people to call back...I mean for the love of god...I want to give you my money!!!! Call me back! Finally this morning our lawyer called with the good news...Friday. This is one full week later from when we had desired, but hey! It's better than the 17th, which was our other option. I guess I should just be thankful. I'm just so tired of incompetent people talking to me like I'm some kind of's come down to me just stopping them and saying, "say what you have to say because I have to go."

So that's the news on the apartment. As of 1pm on Friday Ken and I will own our apartment. WHOO HOOO!

So totally off the subject, does anyone take Flax Seed Oil supplements? I started taking them and I've read some great things about it...seriously, they make this sound like the miracle pill. I'm going to have great hair and nails, get skinny, my skin will glow and I won't die of a heart attack or colon cancer! Well, damn Gina! I'm set!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Things are moving right along

These past three weeks have been quite an adventure let me tell you! I started packing, moved ALL my stuff out, moved home to Jersey for a week of fun in the sun commuting, went on a fabulous much needed vacation last week and now just found out that we have PASSED the coop board for our new apartment. It's all come full circle. This process began three months ago! We met with the board last night and even though we were all set for a firing squad of questions there was no need for us to be nervous. We were met at the door by two very friendly dogs and a couple members of the coop board. We sat down, chatted about the building, talked about all the amenities, picked up a phone # for a great cleaning lady...all in all I'd say it went damn smoothly. After about three minutes they were like, "ok, well we're done...questions?", we were told explicitly NOT to ask any questions so Ken and I were very tentative to actually say anything. I kept thinking, "this is a trick..." But they I just started asking away and they were very happy with us and our questions:) We left there after about 25 minutes with their approval.

This whole process is, as Ken so perfectly stated last night, like running through really thick mushy sand. Just as you finally get one foot out there's something else in the way...our next step is getting to closing. You see there are more lawyers involved in a closing than in anything else I can think of! You've got like 5 attorneys floating around trying to make their schedules work and then you add in the bank and the other bank and the seller and then us and you're left with a clusterfuck of emails and phone calls flying around with us pushing as hard as all hell to close ASAP and then seller taking his sweet ass time.

For us we want to get in there immediately because we are currently sharing a very small space that is chock full of all my suitcases. There's about 5 feet of walking space and then a bed and a couch...all in one room. So we're getting a little tired of being 3 inches from each other's faces...We want to get in there, paint the shit colored walls and move in! But then the attorneys get involved and something as easy as calling up the seller and saying, "dude, I'll throw you a couple hundred bucks and a liability release form if you let me in before closing just to paint," turns into a ton of emails and angry phone shit show.

So here we are...begging to get into our new place and waiting for someone to return our call other than our annoying as all hell real estate broker.

But besides all that, we're very happy!!!! Our vacation was incredible. We relaxed on the beach, swam in the amazing water, drank our share of pina coladas, ate some wonderful meals and did some good shopping. I'm always so sad to leave St. day I think I might just stay there for good. Buy a pretty villa on the beach and just live there. How great would that be!!! A girl can dream right;)