Monday, August 28, 2006

wedding planner #2- Susan

I was on such a high...seriously, after Shawn, nothing could touch me! I was so convinced that my budget was completely fine for the wedding we want to have and that of course, everyone would agree right? No. I was fine until I met Susan. I should have known when I walked into her 5th ave office that this was NOT going to be cheap. She has an amazing space, very modern, very very cool and she's an interesting lady, who has been doing this for a very long time. I thought she was a little over the top with her short short bonde hair with pink tips,but whatever, I thought she was going to be very fun to work with. I sat down and she asked the dreaded question..."what's the budget?" I wish wish wish I could've told her, $250,000 or even $150,000, but I couldn't. AND! I don't want that...That is NOT OK! It is not normal or ok to spend that much on a wedding...MY BUDGET is not normal...It's too high in my opinion, but I guess when you dive into the $77billion dollar industry that is weddings, things change a little.

Anyway, she asked, I told, she stopped. Her words were, "I wish I would have asked you that before you came here." He fees are around $25,000. Which in her opinion wouldn't leave much for my wedding and especially NOT in Manhattan. I don't believe everyone who gets married spends over $100,000 on their weddings...I just don't! COME ON!

I refuse to get married in a catering hall or ballroom of a hotel...NO way in hell, AND NOT IN JERSEY OR LONG ISLAND! I mean, if the St. Regis by some miracle decides to grant me my wish, then fine, but otherwise, no way. I made the mistake of buying NJ Weddings! Can we say wedding factories! Holy crap! I'm sure they do an awesome job, but our wedding is so far from traditional that it would be wierd...

ANyway, she had some good ideas, but ultimately said she couldn't really help us, but that she really liked us and wished the best.

So it wasn't a total wash. We got one amazing idea from her and we are most likely using it, so hey, it was worth it.

One more meeting on Thursday with Francesca...She is in our budget...I asked. So we'll see, but I'm get more and more antsy to talk to Shawn again.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Wedding planner #1- Shawn

We had our first person to person meeting with a wedding planner last night and it was so much fun! Up until that point I'd only spoken to them on the phone and well, it was exhausting listening to the same stuff over and over again...But Shawn has something...he's fun, funny and "got" our concept right away.

He called it Calvin Klein sleek...hehehe in a way, but not that minimalistic, but anyway, he got it. He Loved our ideas and totally felt out our personalities. We were with him for over an hour and by the time we were wrapping up we both knew it was going to be Shawn. But, we agreed to meeting with another planner this evening just to give ourselves options. I don't know how she's going to match him though...he is just so fabulous! When he started talking about turning over rooms and creating the lounge for the after party, I was sold...hehehe uhmmm and he was ALL OVER our desert ideas and was a big fan of our food choices!

Oh...and did I mention his fee is NOT $20k and he didn't look at me and my budget and say "no way." He was so positive and said it would be incredible!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One Moment

Ever since I was a little girl I seriously dreamt about things like, What was the man like that I'd end up marrying? Would I ever get married? What would my dress look like? My ring? will it be big or small, sparkle or be smooth? What I didn't dream about was the actual engagement, so it was an incredibly wonderful surprise when on Friday night my amazing boyfriend proposed!

We had been talking about our wedding and what we like for months but I was never quite sure when we'd actually get engaged. Friday was definitely NOT the day I thought it would finally happen...but it did!!! We were sitting on the couch sifting through about 35 open house flyers that we planned to view on sunday. I had just finished looking at the last one and mentioned going to dinner, when he said, "wouldn't it be great if we were engaged looking at these apts?" I said, "shut it...seriously, stop joking around" and went to get up and he got down on he knees. I freaked out! I didn't think he was serious until I saw the little box and his face. He was so sweet and so excited and i just got so lost in the moment that I got down on the floor with him. He asked me and I said yes and then he asked me if I wanted to see the ring? "OF COURSE!" And it was incredible! I didn't believe it was for was just that beautiful.

When I finally had it on my hand I just couldn't stop staring! We had some chapagne and then called our friends and family:) He even gave me the cutest card that had everything he knew he'd forget to say, written in it. Which is amazing, because I'll have that forever and be able to relive that moment!

We then went to dinner at the Turkish Kitchen, one of our favorite places and then went home to relax Steph and ken style with a fun movie and more real estate listings:)

I didn't sleep at all that night...just kept looking at my ring and at him...knowing that this amazing man sleeping next to me was the person I was going to marry and he loves me so much. I've never had a safer more comforting feeling. He is everything and more that I could have ever dreamed of and loves me so much. That whole weekend I just couldn't believe that I was so lucky! How do things like this happen?

I was talking to someone the other day about lucky people and people who just get shit on all the time. I want to know what it is that makes some people so lucky and others so not. Is it karma? Is it destiny? Sometimes I feel so guilty because my life is so blessed and so lucky. I know that I won't take it for granted ever! Good things happen all the time and it's amazing to just be able to step back and see it all play out. When I got engaged it was like the begining of a totally new journey! I'm going to have a husband!!! It's insane! I'm going to have a new last name and have kids! How crazy is that! I mean, not for a while,but still...

Anyway, let's just say friday was one of the best days of my life! And now there's the wedding...A wedding used to be easy and a celebration of a new life together...this is 2006 and the average wedding in NYC costs $70,000...that's on the low side...I have no words. I actually had a wedding planner hang up on me today because my budget is too low and her fee alone is $20,000...Bitch. hehehe

So from now on, most of my posts will be wedding related. Fashion week will come and go, but my wedding will still be in planning phase:) wish me luck and if you have any fabulous suggestions or tips, I'd love to hear them!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

To Tweeze or Not to Tweeze...

This morning in my rush to absorb as much of the NY Times as I could I came across an article that poses an interesting question. Granted the article about Singapore being the new haven for stem cell research, is much more newsworthy, but I've decided to go with the one that touches upon a topic a little closer to our hearts at the moment...our eyebrows.

I love how the media and fashion world declare every start of fall season, Thicker is Better! But then what do you see on all the magazine covers and in real life? You see normal eyebrows! None of this bushy shit! Seriously, if I wanted to look like Groucho Marx I'd let them grow, but why would i want that?

I've seen girls with those brows...they are not cute. I don't care how trendy you think you's not cute! It's like wearing socks with sandals or heels to an outdoor grassy's not cute and it looks bad and out of place and even though you're sitting there thinking, "wow, I'm getting so much attention and people think I'm so cool," they're really not thinking that...

So then I ask myself, wow, someone really wants ladies to have these bushy brows because there's a full page article in the NY Times about it and how great it is...What sick PR firm did this? ANd what insane editor thought, "Sure, I'll write about thick eyebrows today." Seriously, I don't get it. Ok so now there are products that can make your brows grow faster and stronger... But I have to go back to the question, WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT!!!!?

I realize this isn't an earth shattering topic, but I keep seeing this season after season and it makes me crazy because it makes me think we've lost all sense of creativity...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Treat:)

I've noticed over the past year that my clothing buying habits have hit an all time low. It's not that I dont' buy stuff, I just seem to be buying crap. Old Navy, H&M, Target...these have become my staple stores because I don't dress too formal for work and it's cheap and easy...a sort of disposable clothing. I wear it for a while and then I chuck it...and I don't feel bad because it was so incredibly cheap! But what has happened is that I look pretty shabby chic. (side not: these stores are great for basics and fun shirts to wear out) There's a limit to how many beaters you can have from Old Navy... So this past saturday I went on a little bit of a shopping spree.

It was amazing how everything fit so well and just felt so nice! Eli Tahari! DKNY! Dana Buchman! Ralph Lauren! Classic designers who design for a real good fit. None of this marc Jacobs stuff that fits a stick and costs a fortune! I was in heaven! Dana Buchman actually makes a button down that fits big boobs! SHOCKING! Whenever I attempt to buy a button down at ANY of those stores I mentioned I end up with one boob hanging out and things being squeezed that just shouldn't be.

Before I knew it I had piles of clothing that I couldn't leave behind! New fall jackets and sweaters. Skirts and shirts! It was just so overwhelming! As was the charge to my credit card, but you know was worth it. I can feel the difference!

I have to say I was very pleased with the fall collections. After the crap many designers put forth for spring summer, it was a nice surprise! Well, maybe I'm just a little biased...fall IS my favorite season!

What was it like before cell phones?

So it seems this is the year when things are going to happen that I never thought would happen to me...First my hard drive fails and now this...I lost my cell phone. My very pretty light pink Razr, the core of my contacts, my line of communication...GONE, ALong with every contact I had in there, because well...I don't write things down...This wasn't supposed to happen to me! I hear of people dropping phone in toilets all the time. Having phones stolen out of bags, people leaving them in public places...I don't do that! Rrrrright. Well, until last thursday when my phone disapeared. Now, I can't be certain that it wasn't stolen, but at this point I'm taking responsiblity and just saying I lost it. So there I was for 5 day without my phone and you know what? It was amazing! Just not hearing it ring was incredible! I still kept in touch with people through my blackberry, but no cell phone!

Then I forgot my blackberry in NJ at a party. Sunday phone, no blackberry. I was completely without communication was even better! no buzzing every 10 min with clients asking questions, no spam! I think my stress level dopped 10 points!

So here I am on tuesday phone is back as is my Blackberry and things are getting back to normal, but I'm so aware of their presence now. I think everyone should take a day or two and just shut down. No phones, no blackberries, no computers...just forget about everyone and everything ELSE you could be doing or should be talking to and just enjoy the moment:)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

An Old Favorite...How Could I Forget!

I had dinner tonight at an old favorite that I haven't been to in I'd say, over a year! SON CUBANO!!!! What a wonderful meal with tasty dishes, great music and a good vibe. There's really not much on the menu not to like...the Tapitas are fabulous! We had goat cheese and hazelnut fritters, croquetas de queso, which were just incredible! Pastelitos de picadillo, puffed pastry with spiced meat inside...absolutely fantastic! The list is extensive and everything looks so delicious!
For my main course I had the Palomilla, thinly pounded sirloin steak covered with caramelized onions served with steamed white rice. This was so tender and really hit the spot.
The crowd was very fun, with well dressed women sipping lovely drinks or dancing between was a very fun evening and if you haven't been yet or haven't been in a while...GO! You'll be happy you did:)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scent of a woman...

So here we are in the middle of another heat wave in Manhattan...I'm talking 100+ degrees and some women still walk around WITHOUT deodorant on! For the love of god people! I took the subway 3 times yesterday (this is a lot for me... I usually take it once a day) and each time I was standing near a WOMAN who stank! Not even just a little smelly mixing with perfume, but full on BO... So this morning when I was reading the post one of the first articles I noticed was on just this topic...deodorant. Thank you NY Post for making light of this and to all you sweaty stinky ladies out there...please please please take care of that problem, because yes, it is a problem!

The Post had some good suggestions which I will list, but I also have a few additions to the list.

1. Mitchum for women clear gel- I've never used this, but it was a high scorer on the Post list...I'll probably try this.

2. SURE solid unscented- this is what I currently use and really like. it's cheap and keeps me dry. Seriously nothing fancy. And in my opinion there's nothing worse that smelling like cheap baby powder and sweat so stay away for ALL powder scented sticks! YUCK! I used to and still have a rule about deodorant when borrowing an item of clothing...ONLY use unscented and must use a perfume I like...otherwise we're a no go.

3.Degree ultra clear- Also scored high on the list...I guess it really kicks in when you need it.

4.Kiehls- This stuff is great! It's smooth and stays on and doesn't dry the shit out of your skin. I know guys who use this and girls so give it a go.

5.Lady Speed Stick- NO!

6.Dove Ultimate clear- hmmm I tried this...I liked how it made my skin feel,but I was a sweaty mess after a spin class at 6pm...did not hold up. The post kind of said the same thing...

7. Ban- Oh dear god...I used this for a while and my clothing would just start to smell! I wil never go back to BAN...

Anyway, I'm sure everyone is different in "that" department, so go with what works but seriously, stay away from powder scent and if a spray is what works for you or a crystal or whatever...JUST USE IT NOW! Have mercy on those around you on the subway! :)