Monday, September 25, 2006

Taking a step back.

Weddings are expensive. I don't know who in Manhattan has decided they are GOD and has set this incredibly high pricetag on anything and everything that has to do with weddings,but I'm pissed off and fed up... and sad.

For the past two weeks Ken and I have been running around the city looking at some great loft spaces for our wedding. We found a few that we really loved and started to actually have a vision for our wedding. Saturday morning we got the budgets...Each venue had it's budget under it and we could see and compare all the numbers. They were all insane! I'm talking at the end of the day way over $100k and this is not even the best...this is, "well, we wanted a loft space and this is the cheapest we can do it for..." uhmmmm no.

Then my parents of course call and are flipping out about how they can't believe this and what the hell is going on?! AND the thing is...they're right. They are 100% right and I can't argue with them. This is their money and I don't feel right about it.

So here we are again...back to square one with no venue and now, no vision. I don't know what I want anymore...At this point I'm thinking an empty beach on an island...

Who is this wedding about? Who is it for? Do I really want to have a $100k party so that my friends can get drunk and dance...? Don't they do that on the weekend anyway?
Is this about my parents and their friends? Is it so grandma can have some cake? I'm so confused and discouraged by this whole ordeal. It's very emotionally taxing and there are so many high's and low's that I wonder if it's all worth it? Isn't this about us getting married???? Where did that whole idea go?

The next couple weeks should be interesting. We are starting over and trying to figure out what we want and what works. Hopefully I'll have better news next time:)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two more off the list!

Last night we looked at a couple more venues...Manhattan Penthouse and Westside Loft. I can say with full confindence that I will not be getting married at the Manhattan Penthouse! Westside Loft, well, it wasn't awful, just not what I picture when I see my wedding in my head. But, I could work with it if forced!

Manhattan Penthouse is what I would call a wedding factory in the city, with a view. You can almost feel all the tacky weddings that were held there as you walk through the space. Lot's of cake feeding and and posing in front of poorly lit windows and corners...tables circling a small dance floor with lot's of poofy napkins...It was everything I DIDN'T want to imagine. ANd then I saw the "album." Every venue has these albums of pictures from past events, so that you can try to visualize the space...thank you very much, but I can do that without having to see some ghetto ass wedding pictures from 1988! These pictures were so bad I felt sorry for the guy showing them to us. We didn't ask questions. I sat down so I could take a rest and because I desperately had to pee! And then we left.

Westside Loft is a little better just because the staff is cool and the space is well, Lofty. But it's a low level loft so there's no view at all and one side of the loft actually faces a wall! It has potential, but in the end it's a rectangular shaped room with very limited set-ups...and my vision calls for more of a circular venue...But it did have very pretty light fixtures and the bathrooms were decent enough...these are all things I have to take into consideration...

So as of right now we're leaning towards Peter White and Tribeca Rooftop. Tomorrow we are seeing Metropolitan Pavillion, Top Floor of the Puck Building and Prince George Ballroom...We will make a final decision tomorrow night after all the site visits are completed. I can't wait to finally have a place!!!! AHHHH!!! SO exciting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tribeca Rooftop

Yesterday was another venue viewing night...We hit the Hudson Theatre the heart of Broadway...big no no. The place is very interesting and has a great history. It was the original home of the Tonight Show and was also the first theatre to be owned by a woman, but all that wasn't enough for me to want to have my wedding there. It's a get married on a stage, you dance on a stage, you cut the cake in the "Queens box." Definitely not for me or my fiance.

I have a hard enough time just thinking about everyone watching me walk down the aisle and then having to say my vows in front of all those people, but to then do it on a freakin stage! Oh HELL NO!

Next we went to Tribeca Rooftop. Incredible views from the huge roofdeck, stunning windows and views from the entire venue...seriously the place is perfect. It even has a very nice carpeting that makes it much easier for the ladies to stay on their feet all night in heels! The dance floor is also perfect! The's expensive. VERY expensive...way out of budget. The cool thing is they have lounge furniture there so we wouldn't have to bring it all in from a prop place so that saves costs...I just don't know. This gets harder and harder each day.

We are looking at Manhattan Penthouse and Westside Loft tomorrow. I hear they are both strong options for us and might not be as crazy $$$!!!!!

I'm trying very hard to stick to my guns on this budget, but it's so hard to when there are so many little parts that go into a wedding...This is all only about the venue and food!!! The rest is still to come!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

And the world keeps turning...

I've lost touch with what's going on in this city, and I'm only reminded every couple hours by phone calls and emails from editors and jewelry designers asking if I have tickets for shows, what shows are we doing, and my favorite...can you use some of my stuff in your shows??? And to all of them I answer NO! NO, NO, NO, NO!!! And I do it with a huge freakin smile on my face! It's fabulous!

It's funny, because when I first started working with fashion week, I was thrilled! I thought it was so cool to get dressed up and go to the tents and wander around, pushing the limits to how far in I could get before someone realized I had no money
and I was a lowly PR assistant just trying to fit in. I was so excited by the models, editors, celebrities...giftbags! What the hell was wrong with me! My first fashion show was the Baby Phat show, when baby phat was THE show to go to, and I actually sat front row next to Beyonce and thought I was very chic and cool...Oh wow...again, what was wrong with me! I had no place being there, because these shows are meant for editors and buyers!!!

I did a few shows last season (I can only remember as far back as last season,but I've done so many over the past 3 years it's really just insane) The first two went smoothly, probably because we had tons of help from other amazing PR people,but the last one and smallest one was the most difficult because everyone in their mother wanted a seat! Seriously, just because you sponsored the hair ties that are being used in the show, doesn't mean that The Daily editor must now sit second row...STANDING ROOM ONLY!...This is the shit I can't deal with. Also, the "friends of the designer." I mean, really...If you are that good friends, just go to the showroom and check out the collection. That's what this is all about! THE COLLECTION!

Anyway, all week I've been so calm and relaxed and except for the few emails and calls from friends mentioning tickets for shows, the flip over the Full Frontal Fashion network, and then streams of people exiting the Marc Jacobs show right next to my apt, but overall it's been smooth sailing. ONE MORE DAY and they all leave for Europe! well, there's coterie first... I hate to sound so just turned off by fashion week, but the thing is for those on the outside, it's cool, fun, chic, sexy, exciting...For those on the inside, it's a time of pure exhaustion, no sleep, no glamour, tired and hurting feet, low tolerance for stupidity and a craving so huge for a slice of chocolate cake and a comfy bed! I swear in this case, ignorance is total bliss! I was on the subway yesterday afternoon and there were two younger editors heading downtown for a show, coming from the tents, and they looked so sad...and I felt their pain and just wanted to invite them over for some coffee, but I knew they had no choice. This is their job and they have to hit check in table after check in table, hoping they get a seat, because, "SO and so's aunt's cousin's nanny, " needs a seat.

So now that I've gotten that off my back...we can discuss wedding stuff!
We looked at our first venue last night...Peter White Studios.
It was so cool! Views of the statue of Liberty, the Verazano bridge in one direction and then the skyline and the water in the other direction. the windows are incredible and the space can be made into anything we imagine! Take a look at the's just fantastic!
We have a bunch of appointments lined up over the next coupld weeks, so I'll def keep posting the different venues.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The joys of registering...

Again I had a with the "gun" him with the list of must have items for every new bride and groom...and we're off! We hit the ground running full force to an easy section of the store, well...easy because we had done a little private run through the weekend before and had already agreed on it...the flat ware! So there we are staring. SO EXCITED to scan away, but there's no barcode...So in a panic we both run back to the counter and the guys like, "just type in the #'s." BUT THAT'S NOT USING THE SCANNER>>>THAT'S THE FUN PART! oh well...we did it. Our first items were our flat ware...super.

We spent the next 3 hours scanning away, compromising, insisting, sometimes starting at each other like we were nuts! He couldn't understand why I didn't want to register for a cast iron skillet...well, because I'll never use it because it's heavy and I have all that other damn non-stick stuff! I thought he was nuts for suggesting we get .65 chopstick know...pretty standard. hehehe:) But we did it. We had fun, got a little tired and learned a lot about who likes what gadget in the kitchen.

Then we went over to Bloomingdales. See, you think you're getting a're not! Such a sham! Crazy lady Janice with terrible lipstick and a god awful black suit was "our wedding aid." uhmmmm...she sucked. She talked to much and I was already dying to get started and she just kept talking and talking and bullshitting...enough already!

FINALLY, we started the process. The first item we registered for was a blender... I mean, we don't really need a blender, but because we got margarita glasses at Crate & barrel, we now need a blender. Finally, it got to be too much and we called it a day, saying we'd back back on Sunday. We had a fabulous engagement party to attend that night and we had to rest up!

I'm happy to say the party was wonderful! So many great friends came out to toast felt so good:) My incredible hangover the next day wasn't so awesome, but we had work to do...finish registering! whoo hoo!

It was another long day,but we made it through Bloomies. We got sheets and pillows...
Then we went to Michael C. FIna to pick a China pattern. This is where we came to a hault. We were too tired and grumpy and hungry...there was no way I could even look at that stuff anymore! So we have to go back...another day of registering. Can't wait!

Not gonna lie though...most of the process is very fun! Just eat and drink and get a good night sleep before and you're all set!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wedding planner #3-Francesca

We met Francesca alllll the way downtown on Broad street in a Starbucks. She was very nice and super smart on the topic of wedding planning. We walked through everything step by step and talked about venues and flowers and dresses and so on and on and on and on...seriously at one point, I was staring at her talking, but I wasn't actually hearing anything. I just squeezed Ken's hand and sat there with a slowly fading smile on my face.

It's not that I didn't like her, I just couldn't listen to her anymore! She is the perfect wedding planner for someone who likes total detail, but that's not me. I'm all about the big picture and they deal with the small stuff. I guess i always imagined my wedding planner in the room with me as I got my dress on and stuff, but you know what? I really don't care anymore. I'm 99% sure we are going with Shawn and that is fine by me! He is so fabulous and sharp! I can't wait to get started!

It's funny though...I think having a couple weeks of really just fun planning in our heads has been good for us. This weekend we didn't really do ANY planning at all. We just enjoyed being engaged and hanging out with some great friends eating and drinking outside. Being engaged is really fantastic! Everything just kind of flows and we're getting to enjoy each other on a new level.