Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New York City at Christmas time

I love:
-The smell of chesnuts from the street carts
-Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate
-christmas decorations EVERYWHERE! Even the shady taxi hubs have Christmas decorations!
-Salvation army people ringing the can get annoying, but damn those people stand there for hours and just to raise money for others who need it! I LOVE THAT!
-The smell of Christmas candles
-Random people wearing christmas sweaters and santa hats
-The occasional act of kindness in a store.( this is not very often as New Yorkers push and shove and fight to the death for everything this time of the year)
-exchanging small gifts with friends
-the excuse to eat chocolate and other very fatty foods...I take this to a whole new level and now that I've gotten into's bad.
-Christmas parties with friends! I love seeing everyone get hammered in the spirit of Christmas...Makes the baby Jesus cry, but it's fun.
-Christmas music everywhere I go.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I should not drink...

Saying it over and over again in the bathroom at the bar for the 3rd time in a half hour, "I should not drink, I should really not drink..." Yep, that's me...26, with absolutely NO tolerance for alcohol. You know it's bad when after your second glass of white wine your lips are a little numb and the journey to the ladies room "flies" know what I'm talking about...where you just pop up from the table and before you know it you've peed and returned and you're like, "wow! I'm so fast," but everyone else is probably thinking, "she's left the table now 3 times...I hope she's ok?"

So last night Ken and I had drinks with two friends down at the Tribeca Grand...They were drinking dry gin martinis like they were water, so I thought, three glasses of wine are NOT going kill me...yeh...sure, but I did get loaded. didn't stop dinner at Landmarc (my favorite favorite) Ken oredered a bottle of wine...and yes...I drank so more. I can only imagine how loud I was talking because i just remember thinking, "this is goign to be bad...I need more bread." Following a great dinner, we hit up the bubble lounge for a glass of I needed it right? At this point we're both pretty drunk and we just start yelling at each other in total fun about our hellish life changing apartment hunt, with me being the total pessimist and him being the wonderful optimist. But we were YELLING!!!! Thank god there were not a lot of people there because we might have been kicked out. I think we were that loud!

I make it home, Ken continues on to his place and at this point I'm thinking, he is so not going to want to marry me anymore...I'm such a drunk! Ok, so I was a little dramatic...and just for the record he still wants to marry me:)

I then proceed to "return calls at 1am." Not a good idea...I then had a 45 min conversation with a family friend about a business plan and development property...also, not a good idea.

ANd I passed out...

Woke up this morning still a little drunk and hungover as all hell. I actually made myself an egg and cheese on whole wheat and ate it as if I was still in college nursing a hangover!!!! And...I feel sorry for myself that I have to function in society today. I kind of suck right now:(

So as I enter into holiday party season I will NOT be drinking. This is the problem, I don't really ever drink period. And then one night I decide it's cool to have 6 glasses of wine and I make an ass out of myself. SO no more drinking. Done with that till New Years:)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Made me laugh this morning...

Boobs & Willies

A family is at the dinner table. The son asks his father, "Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?"

The father, surprised, answers, "Well, son, there are three kinds of breasts. In her 20s, a woman's breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her 30s to 40s, they are like pears, still nice but hanging a bit. After 50, they are like onions".


"Yes, you see them and they make you cry."

This infuriated his wife and daughter so the daughter said, "Mum, how many kinds of 'willies' are there?"

The mother smiles and answers, "Well dear, a man goes
through three phases. In his 20s, his willy is like an oak tree,
mighty and hard.

In his 30s and 40s, it is like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his 50s, it is like a Christmas tree".

"A Christmas tree?"

"Yes --- dead from the root up and the balls are just for decoration.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I've fallen soooo behind!

Wow! So much has happened and I haven't had a moment to write about any of it! I'll go in order...

Waverly Inn:
Ken and I got back to the city following the craziness of Thanksgiving and decided to try something new. We weren't sure if we'd get a table, if it was going to be super snobby or if we'd even find it! But, we found it, got a great table next to the fireplace and it was FANTASTIC! I haven't had a steamed artichoke, well, ever and they served it with butter and another dipping sauce...YUMMY! There is currently a Preview menu that they are trying before the official opening in January, so the options are simple,but wonderful, the wine list is really great and the prices are very low! I'm hoping when they officially open the prices wil stay where they are, because it's just that good. For dinner I had woodoven cooked mussels and Ken had the short ribs...Both done to perfection. Oh! and the biscuits they serve warm with butter are the perfect way to start a meal on a chilly night!!! I was so impressed with the place and have been trying to get back there but it's been so crazy with other stuff going!

Lasik Eye Surgery
It's official! I can see! No really, I can see better than perfect...I now have 20/15 vision with ehh hem...NO GLASSES or CONTACTS! The surgery was interesting...I'd hate to say painful, because I want to encourage as many people as possible to do it, but it did hut a little bit. I mean, they put these holders in your eyes, which kill and then there's a ton of pressure,but the actual laser part doesn't hurt and it's over in 21 seconds each eye. After all the excitement I slept for 6 hours and then another 8 and I woke up a new person. Now, almost a week later I can start running again and living life as usual,but now I can wear earrings ALL THE TIME! See...for a whole year i couldn't wear my fabulous earrings because glasses and earring look like a Chico ad...

Apartment Stuff
I feel like I go in circles about this...But, we finally started talking to brokers about getting my apartment on the market. I cleaned like a mad woman and emptied it out so it's open house we just have to get down to business. Hoping for the first open house this weekend, but we'll see. Ken and I found two apartments we really like. One is on 35th and lex and the other is 74th and 3rd...i know...Upper East Side! But, it's a beautiful building, huge one bedroom, HIGH floor looking down 3rd ave...It's us. The other one is also a big one bedroom, with a terrace, brand new's hard to pass up. So we're going to try! WHoo hoo! Now I just have to get rid of some clothing and shoes!

more to tell later...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving...went well.

First things first, as a total side bar...I've been wearing glasses for the past year because I was not allowed to wear my conctact lenses...I had to do this because my eyes needed to recover from years of damage done by contacts so that I can get Lasik eye surgery. AND finally...the doctor gave me the green light and I am now schedule for the procedure Wed morning 8:30am!!! This is super exciting for me after spending a whole year stuck in my glasses I'm finally going to be free of them FOREVER!

Anyway! back to Thanksgiving. It was a ton of work,but very fun to see the whole family:) A few little things happened that stressed me out a bit...first, my intitial dose of stuffing turned out bitter because I put the onions in the food processor to save time. WARNING! NEVER OVER process your onions! So after all that work I went to taste the stuffing and it was terrible! I had to start over. Ran to the foodstore at 9pm, cut up everything again and made it once more...for 17 people. Ahhh yes, fun times. THEN! I decided to make a spice cake (from Rachel Ray's mag) and a vanilla chocolate cake, for desserts. I was inspired by all the suggestions...thanks guys! So I made the first cake and it was great, but I thought to myself wouldn't it be fantastic to make it with Splenda so my dad the diabetic can eat some...uhmmm yeh...DO NOT COOK WITH SPLENDA IN A CAKE! It doesn't rise the same and is super mushy...I would go with the half splenda/ half sugar thing... SO I had to make it three times. But that was it for the issues.

The rest just flowed and of course, Ken's mom and sister did not fail to impress. His mom made the most incredible pumpkin pie I've ever had, along with a cheesecake to die for and some cookies I swear people were stashing to save for themselves! His sister presented an amazing chocolate chip torte, more like everything bad for you in a plate. it was all really incredible. I forced myself to throw away the last slice of cheesecake last night because I knew I would crave it like I am right this second. Damn it! WHY WHY WHY did I throw that would be so good when I get home! ugh!

But anyway, A good time was had by all:)

Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm a HUGE dessert person! I live for any form. I crave cake at all times. This is a recent development though...until about 5 months ago, I mostly craved chocolate products, but lately it's been stuff like, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting with tiny colored chips in it. (you know the kind I'm talking about right? The stuff in the can that we used to eat on cupcakes!) Anyway, so I'm now trying to think up creative dessert options for Thanksgiving, that's not apple pie, pumpkin pie or any of the "standard," but still fabulous options. Rather, I'd like some kind of cake! Some kind of fluffy, moist and sweet conction of everything good. I know you know what I'm talking about.

So far I found a ginger spice cake...not sure if it's gonna cut it. My future mother-in-law and sister-in-law are super bakers. Mom's a seasoned pro with a serious reputation so I know I can't compare in the pie department. Sister is a dessert hobbiest. This is what she does for you know she's super creative and is not afraid to load on the butter...I'm so screwed:) And my fiance is a loyal follower of mom's baking. He's open to new things,but still never fails to mention how incredible mom's baking is. So here I am...I need a good recipe ASAP! I really want to wow them with my baking talent. This is kind of big. The whole family is going to be there!

Anyone have any ideas? Tonight I'm going to go through my cookbooks and my magazines...I seriously hope they have something for me:)

Monday, November 13, 2006

And I feel better

I feel better because I had a weekend full of quality time combined with fun activities, great purchases and serious cuddling. I know I know, it sounds so mushy,but it was wonderful to just lie there and snuggle a bit. Started the weekend off with a wonderful date at the Turkish Kitchen, followed by some great time spent on the couch catching up on episodes of Grey's Anatomy and LOST. OH! We tried PinkBerry as well...I have to say it's good stuff. I was a little worried about it. I'd heard it was kind of sour,kind of like the stuff at 40 Carrots in Bloomies (which I hate!). BUT it wasn't like that at all! It was tangy but sweet enough,but not too sweet. I say try it for yourself and see what you think.

The rest of the weekend was filled with shopping. We tried desperately to pick out a china pattern. We started at Bloomingdales...two hours later...NOTHING! THen we moved to Michael C. Fina, where they have EVERYTHING! We spent another 2 hours there, only to narrow down our search to 4 settings. After that we had to stop...not because we were done for the night, but because they were closing the store. Yes, very sad,but very funny! I think this whole process is hillarious! Seriously, We have to pick a pattern that we're going to not use till we have a house, so like in 6 years, one that we'll like then, and something that we will still like when we're 50...what are the chances of that!? I mean, if it was Herend, we'd be fine, but being that a 5 peice setting is around $1100, we have to find something a little cheaper. Not to mention my mother has enough of it for a small army...So what happens? We find somethings we like...they are also on the more expensive side. But the thing is, we don't just want to get white plates with platinum trim, because we want something more formal. So we have to both find a pattern we like and think we will like years from now. Such a process! After a long day of pattern shopping we headed out for some fantastic Sushi and some drinks. We actually went back to FLute...a place we went after our first date. I love that place. It's the kind of place I'd host a party at, with champagne coctails flowing and great lighing! If I have anything to celebrate in the next year, that's not my wedding...I am so hosting a party there!

Finally, Sunday we took a drive out to the Short HIlls Mall. It's so nice to just walk around a mall sometimes, you know? The temperature is regulated, it's not raining, and they have everything! We ate dinner out at a great little family restaurant in Summit and then came back into the city to spend the rest of the night vegging. It really was a great weekend. I need this so bad after last week!

AND...there were no dead mice when i walked into my apt...just a very happy little Oscar:) Hopefully I've caught them all...well, for now at least! Damn mice!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sometimes everything just feels like it's so tough to do, right?

I mean it's not like I'm sick or have any major injuries...I just feel like it's hard to walk up a flight of stairs! Ok, I'll start over...I'm sore...very sore. I feel like every step I have to take requires 75% of my energy and that's just way to much to give to take one step. Yes, it's completely my fault for pushing my body to places it hasn't been since I was 17, but come on!

THEN! work is pretty crazy, because I was gone for 3 days and we all know what happens when you leave work...the world actually doesn't stop working, and so you have to catch up to all the bullshit that has been put into play while you were gone. And then throw in some Jury duty and you're left with a big pile of crap. Oh wait, that's right...I got up at the ass crack of dawn this morning, schlepped my butt down to the court house only to have them tell me that court was closed today and tomorrow so I'd have to reschedule...what the hell is that all about!? I reallize many people might be happy about this, but this is my 3rd time heading down there to try to serve...and now I had to postpone again till January! BOOOOOOOO!

So here I am, now feeling guilty because I dropped my dog off this morning with the sitter and didn't go back for him even though jury duty was cancelled, because I just need a break from walking. I am super tired already and it's only 10:30am, I have no clean clothing because I haven't done laundry in about 3 weeks, my apartment is being taken over by mice, yes you heard me...mice.I think there are about 5 of them currently running around shitting everywhere and there's nothing I can do about it because I have a little dog that LOVES glue traps and will def get his nose chopped off in an old school trap. So I think I'm running away for the night. I really think I might head out to jersey for the night to just escape what has become my current living situation.

And then finding a new apartment for Ken and I to live in is turning out to be tougher than I had tried to delude myself into believing it would be. I always knew it wouldn't be an easy process, having been through the coop purchase before, but I just kind of forgot about how bad it really was and started to think about things like couches and wall colors. Now, as I look at apartments and immediately jump to the mortgage calculator, the whole thing has just lost its luster. It's like I don't care what anything looks like, as long as it has counter space in the kitchen and a big ass closet for all my stuff...and is pet friendly. Let me just say, if you have a dog, DO NOT GET EXCITED about apartment hunting. People! You'll find your dream apartment and then they'll tell you they only take cats. Lovely.

I realize this post is not filled with wedding planning happiness, but this week just feels insane to me. I saw ken last night after not seeing him since sunday night. He's had a hellish week as well...working till 4am and just not having a life outside of work all week. And then as soon as we have some time to just sit and chill, someone calls wanting something or a favor has to be done or I haven't called my mom in 2 days and I'm just waiting for the calls of guilt to come.

So let's hope this weekend is full of fun things and some down time.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Another great weekend and hopefully many more to come!

This past weekend started very well! On Friday afternoon my mom joined me in the city to go wedding dress shopping...again. This is the 4th time I've been "dress shopping," and even though it can be fun, mostly it's just exhausting and fuels more confusion. Which style is better? will my stomach look big? Do I need a sash? WHY AM I WEARING A WHITE DRESS?!!!! But this friday, we went down to Saeyoung Vu, a small shop down on Mulberry and Spring streets. I picked my bridesmaid dresses from here, but never really looked at their bridal collection, until a stunning dress caught my eye in this months Martha Stewart Weddings and to my surprise (thanks to great PR efforts on their part) it was a Saeyoung Vu dress!

I tried on 4 dresses and 2 of them were fantastic! Problem...they were both so different, but so fabulous and I couldn't choose. So what does a girl do when a problem like this presents itself... She buys both! So I'm very excited to say that I now have 2 gorgeous wedding dresses! One for the ceremony, it's stunning white and flowy and very goddess-like, and another for the party, very old hollywood and sexy...perfect for a fabulous reception! My mom said it best to the sales girl..."My family is insane!" But in the end, she agreed this was the best thing to do.

From there we headed out to Jersey to get ready for the Hunt! I'm sure some of you are familiar with the hunt, but for those of you who have NO idea, this is a day long event, consisting of horse racing and ultimately raising a considerable amount of money for a medical center. It's a blast and people plan for a full year. Basically, you get up early, put on your "hunt like clothing," and head out to the fields for drinking and eating. This year, the sun decided to come out about an hour after we got there and after a while, you didn't even notice the knee high was simply wonderful!

After the Hunt, we drove back into the city to get ready for a night of Halloween parties! I have to say, I really thought I was going to want to just sleep, but instead I got all dresses up as a sexy devil and Ken as a Priest. It was a very fun night of awesome costumes, lot's of drinks and fun people. Halloween in the city can be super fun or really suck and this year was great! Oh...on a side note, Halloween is such a liberating day for women...seriously, all those inner yearnings to get all whored out and show the world your "goods" just bubble to the surface and the city is just bursting with hot girls! I never see so many hot ladies as I do on Halloween! Good job women of NYC!

Sunday morning was perfect. Made first attempt to actuallu make bacon on a skillet...yuck! what a mess! I prefer the microwave mess. But, Ken and I ate a nice breakfast together, read the paper, cirlced open houses, laid in bed, showered and then finally decided to go look at apartments. We saw some interesting places...the thing is, ALL NYC apartments have something wrong with them. If they are big with great closets, then the bathroom is tiny and there's NO kitchen. If they have awesome kitchens, then the bedrooms are tiny...ALways something! We did see this amazing 2 bedroom on 35th and lex...seriosly HUGE apt, great price, but needs work...a lot of work. I don't know, it's really tough to try to plan your life for the next 5-10 years around moving. I feel like we want to find a place where we can somehow start a family in the next 3 years and not be on top of each other every second we're home. This is tough in New York no matter how much money you have, because if you can afford a million dollar apt, then why not a $1.5 million dollar one...and then why not $2? It always seems as though the next step isn't that far away, but it actually really is...

ok, so that was the wonderful some it might sound tiring, but to me it was one of the best:)

Tomorrow we're off to Budapest for 4 days! Can't wait!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

We've checked off everything on the 9-12 month part...

Of the wedding checklist, that is. I'm very proud of us and super excited! I'm pretty sure we've made a decision on music, which was what we thought was going to be the toughest thing to do. Turns out we met with two great companies and we decided to go with the first one. We're going with a dj/band concept and these guys are incredible! This wedding is going to be one rockin party!

We also received our decor proposal and wow...amazing. I could actually see the entire wedding unfolding before my eyes and I started to get very excited! There's so much going on with seating, lot's of different types of tables, lounges,'s just so cool. The food is amazing and the flowers...uhmmm...let's just say it's very zen, but with a bang. Now we just have to pick our wedding cake, which you know much as I thought this process was going to be painful, I bet it's going to be one of the most fun. Can we say TASTING!!! Trying to decide between chocolate and hazelnut and buttercream and ganache...well...there could be harder decisions in life:)

So back to the checklist. So far:
-picked the venue
-picked the food
-picked the music
-picked the decor (flowers, tables, settings...)
-picked the bridal party and their dresses
-down to 2 wedding dresses (ok, so that's not done, but damn close to it!)
-narrowed the honeymoon choices
-discussed transportation
-discussed invites and save the dates
-down to a few photographers

I think we're in good shape! I mean, the wedding isn't till NEXT October...

more to come as always...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fried Chicken, fried Shrimp, fried catfish, French fries...

And I could go on...and on...and on... I was in the south this weekend. When I say "the south," I am specifically talking about New Orleans, LA and Gulf Port, MS. I'd say this was a good "heart of the south" weekend.

I'm the true definition of a notherner. I really don't like fried foods, not because it doesn't taste good, but my poor stomach suffers to such an extreme level when I consume any of the above listed items, that it's just not worth it. I talk fast. "Yeuewwww Taaaalk Vieerrry faaast," as one lovely southern woman from Mississippi pointed out to me as I tried to expidite my spa tab. Yes, yes I do. I like to say what I have to say and then move on with my life...but thanks for pointing that out. I wear my hair not poofed. I do not create volume when it is not needed. I don't wear white ked sneakers. I lOVE sushi, steamed foods, tofu, Thai food and Indian food. I do NOT wear tight rolled jeans and "I love Disney world" t-shirts. Seriously, some of ths shit we saw...there are no words.

It's a different world down there,but one thing remains true...the people are as nice as can be!

Even the waitress at Waffle House was chipper and nice. Let me describe Waffle House...Imagine a McDonalds with no golden arches and waitress service. Then change all the food to waffles, sausage, eggs and other bad for you fried stuff. Then imagine the tab being something like $10 for two...and you have Waffle House. In Mississippi there's one every two miles.

We had a very interesting weekend down south. New Orleans is a great city...full of great antiques, lot's of alcohol and pretty buildings. But it's very sad to be there. I can't say I felt the same energy as I felt pre-Katrina. People are sad and talk constantly about how their lives were ruined and you can't help but feel so bad for them. They are 100% justified in how they feel. Here we are more than a year later and I'd say over 60% of the homes we saw, had people living in trailers on the front lawn! It's not pretty anymore and is lacking that incredible spark that used to light up that city.

Gulf's nothing left. driving along the coast all you see are empty shells of hotels and beach resorts, beach bars and of course...waffle houses. And when I say nothing...I mean Nothing!

I started to feel numb to what I saw. You see so much devastation and after a while, those FEMA trailers start to look welcoming. I arrived back in New Orleans after a few days in Gulf Port and was like, "oh wow, it's so much better here." BUT IT'S NOT! it's just THAT bad there. I could go on and on...

ANyway, to sum it up. The South: food sucks, people are funny, they are left with nothing, but through it all they are still incredibly nice and welcoming.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A little change in topic... just because.

SO I've been trying to find a great pair of flat boots for a while now...Last year I purchased a fabulous pair of very high Frye boots that I still love, but I'm looking for the flat dream boot this season.

Last weekend I ordered a nice pair of black riding style boots from JCrew...very cute, but when I got them I noticed that they are HUGE in the ankle area and calf. I'm just not sure if this is the look I'm going for. I'm not exactly equestrian anymore...Maybe when I wasd 13, but at 26 I consider myself a little more chic. Although, they are very pretty boots and I've seen women on the street who can really pull this horse look off well!

So then I went searching and I found these two boots that I now have a huge crush on! This always happens to me! WHy why why do I go looking!!! I should know by now that if I start searching I'll inevitably end up at Saks or Barneys, and that is BAD.

Anyway, these are sexy, stunning, comforting and just so pretty all in one.
These are both Bottega Veneta and I might just have to go try them on this bad!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm excited to announce that we have found a venue for our wedding!!! We will be getting married and having a fabulous reception at...wait for it...wait for it...The W Hotel on 49th and Lexington!

I knew the moment I walked in today, and felt it so strong as I walked through all the rooms. I even like the color of their carpeting! I love the chocolate brown leather chairs, the awesome lounge furniture, the grass everywhere, the bamboo in the hallways and smell in the air. It is exactly what I had imagined. It's sexy, chic and warm all at the same time:)'s in the city, making it so easy for my bridal party and family to move around for pictures! It also makes life easy for people who live in the city, which is about 30% of our guests...and the rest of the people can stay at the W if they'd like to go home to Jersey, which is where most of them are from.

I had so much running through my head as I sat there and spoke to Jill, the fabulous in house event person. Shawn was also spitting out idea after idea and we were just going with it! SO MUCH FUN!

Now, we just have to finalize the food and do a tasting and we'll be all set with the very important stuff...oh wait, hmmm...rrrright...everything is important! hehehe whatever, it'll get done and be great!

Today was a very positive day all around. Found a place for my wedding, picked up some new clients...good day, good day.

Monday, October 02, 2006

back in the running

West side Loft is back in the I don't know, but it is...hey, they had really pretty light fixtures, that's gotta be worth something right?

WIll keep you posted...

Engagement parties are very fun!

This past saturday we celebrated our engagement with ALL of our family members...It might as well have been a small wedding, because there were a lot of people there all wanting to take pictures and say hi and congratulate us! We had a blast:)

It's simply amazing to me how well our families get along. There was so much happiness and positive energy in the room, you could feel it! We saw family friends that flew in from out west, family that we NEVER see on a normal basis and hung out with family that we love to see all the time...It's so hard to explain, but it felt so good.

Ken and I were running around all night talking to people about how we met, our wedding that is SLOWLY taking shape, our lives and our plans for the future. I was exhausted by the end of the night and I didn't have a single drink and barely ate something...IF this is any sign of what the wedding will be like, damn! I better get a burger before I put my dress on and have a few shots! THIS is why i want to have an I can take off my dress, slip into something very cute and dance, drink and get a little nutty!

By the time we got home and the remaining guest left our house after late night, we were beyong tired...but not too tired to open presents!!! We got some amazing gifts, which is so surprising to me, because we were not expecting gifts for our engagement! But we got such nice things off our registry and people were very generous. It was so sad to leave all of our nice new stuff at home, but we'll see it again soon:)

I could always visualize our lives together, that was never a problem, but NOW I can fully see it! I just can't wait to find our apt and to get married and just start our lives together...I mean, we basically don't exist without each other on a daily basis...only when we go back to our own apts...which is sad because I like a good night kiss...Soon enough we'll be decorating our apt and "taking up too much of the bed." But now I'm more pumped than ever before:)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Taking a step back.

Weddings are expensive. I don't know who in Manhattan has decided they are GOD and has set this incredibly high pricetag on anything and everything that has to do with weddings,but I'm pissed off and fed up... and sad.

For the past two weeks Ken and I have been running around the city looking at some great loft spaces for our wedding. We found a few that we really loved and started to actually have a vision for our wedding. Saturday morning we got the budgets...Each venue had it's budget under it and we could see and compare all the numbers. They were all insane! I'm talking at the end of the day way over $100k and this is not even the best...this is, "well, we wanted a loft space and this is the cheapest we can do it for..." uhmmmm no.

Then my parents of course call and are flipping out about how they can't believe this and what the hell is going on?! AND the thing is...they're right. They are 100% right and I can't argue with them. This is their money and I don't feel right about it.

So here we are again...back to square one with no venue and now, no vision. I don't know what I want anymore...At this point I'm thinking an empty beach on an island...

Who is this wedding about? Who is it for? Do I really want to have a $100k party so that my friends can get drunk and dance...? Don't they do that on the weekend anyway?
Is this about my parents and their friends? Is it so grandma can have some cake? I'm so confused and discouraged by this whole ordeal. It's very emotionally taxing and there are so many high's and low's that I wonder if it's all worth it? Isn't this about us getting married???? Where did that whole idea go?

The next couple weeks should be interesting. We are starting over and trying to figure out what we want and what works. Hopefully I'll have better news next time:)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two more off the list!

Last night we looked at a couple more venues...Manhattan Penthouse and Westside Loft. I can say with full confindence that I will not be getting married at the Manhattan Penthouse! Westside Loft, well, it wasn't awful, just not what I picture when I see my wedding in my head. But, I could work with it if forced!

Manhattan Penthouse is what I would call a wedding factory in the city, with a view. You can almost feel all the tacky weddings that were held there as you walk through the space. Lot's of cake feeding and and posing in front of poorly lit windows and corners...tables circling a small dance floor with lot's of poofy napkins...It was everything I DIDN'T want to imagine. ANd then I saw the "album." Every venue has these albums of pictures from past events, so that you can try to visualize the space...thank you very much, but I can do that without having to see some ghetto ass wedding pictures from 1988! These pictures were so bad I felt sorry for the guy showing them to us. We didn't ask questions. I sat down so I could take a rest and because I desperately had to pee! And then we left.

Westside Loft is a little better just because the staff is cool and the space is well, Lofty. But it's a low level loft so there's no view at all and one side of the loft actually faces a wall! It has potential, but in the end it's a rectangular shaped room with very limited set-ups...and my vision calls for more of a circular venue...But it did have very pretty light fixtures and the bathrooms were decent enough...these are all things I have to take into consideration...

So as of right now we're leaning towards Peter White and Tribeca Rooftop. Tomorrow we are seeing Metropolitan Pavillion, Top Floor of the Puck Building and Prince George Ballroom...We will make a final decision tomorrow night after all the site visits are completed. I can't wait to finally have a place!!!! AHHHH!!! SO exciting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tribeca Rooftop

Yesterday was another venue viewing night...We hit the Hudson Theatre the heart of Broadway...big no no. The place is very interesting and has a great history. It was the original home of the Tonight Show and was also the first theatre to be owned by a woman, but all that wasn't enough for me to want to have my wedding there. It's a get married on a stage, you dance on a stage, you cut the cake in the "Queens box." Definitely not for me or my fiance.

I have a hard enough time just thinking about everyone watching me walk down the aisle and then having to say my vows in front of all those people, but to then do it on a freakin stage! Oh HELL NO!

Next we went to Tribeca Rooftop. Incredible views from the huge roofdeck, stunning windows and views from the entire venue...seriously the place is perfect. It even has a very nice carpeting that makes it much easier for the ladies to stay on their feet all night in heels! The dance floor is also perfect! The's expensive. VERY expensive...way out of budget. The cool thing is they have lounge furniture there so we wouldn't have to bring it all in from a prop place so that saves costs...I just don't know. This gets harder and harder each day.

We are looking at Manhattan Penthouse and Westside Loft tomorrow. I hear they are both strong options for us and might not be as crazy $$$!!!!!

I'm trying very hard to stick to my guns on this budget, but it's so hard to when there are so many little parts that go into a wedding...This is all only about the venue and food!!! The rest is still to come!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

And the world keeps turning...

I've lost touch with what's going on in this city, and I'm only reminded every couple hours by phone calls and emails from editors and jewelry designers asking if I have tickets for shows, what shows are we doing, and my favorite...can you use some of my stuff in your shows??? And to all of them I answer NO! NO, NO, NO, NO!!! And I do it with a huge freakin smile on my face! It's fabulous!

It's funny, because when I first started working with fashion week, I was thrilled! I thought it was so cool to get dressed up and go to the tents and wander around, pushing the limits to how far in I could get before someone realized I had no money
and I was a lowly PR assistant just trying to fit in. I was so excited by the models, editors, celebrities...giftbags! What the hell was wrong with me! My first fashion show was the Baby Phat show, when baby phat was THE show to go to, and I actually sat front row next to Beyonce and thought I was very chic and cool...Oh wow...again, what was wrong with me! I had no place being there, because these shows are meant for editors and buyers!!!

I did a few shows last season (I can only remember as far back as last season,but I've done so many over the past 3 years it's really just insane) The first two went smoothly, probably because we had tons of help from other amazing PR people,but the last one and smallest one was the most difficult because everyone in their mother wanted a seat! Seriously, just because you sponsored the hair ties that are being used in the show, doesn't mean that The Daily editor must now sit second row...STANDING ROOM ONLY!...This is the shit I can't deal with. Also, the "friends of the designer." I mean, really...If you are that good friends, just go to the showroom and check out the collection. That's what this is all about! THE COLLECTION!

Anyway, all week I've been so calm and relaxed and except for the few emails and calls from friends mentioning tickets for shows, the flip over the Full Frontal Fashion network, and then streams of people exiting the Marc Jacobs show right next to my apt, but overall it's been smooth sailing. ONE MORE DAY and they all leave for Europe! well, there's coterie first... I hate to sound so just turned off by fashion week, but the thing is for those on the outside, it's cool, fun, chic, sexy, exciting...For those on the inside, it's a time of pure exhaustion, no sleep, no glamour, tired and hurting feet, low tolerance for stupidity and a craving so huge for a slice of chocolate cake and a comfy bed! I swear in this case, ignorance is total bliss! I was on the subway yesterday afternoon and there were two younger editors heading downtown for a show, coming from the tents, and they looked so sad...and I felt their pain and just wanted to invite them over for some coffee, but I knew they had no choice. This is their job and they have to hit check in table after check in table, hoping they get a seat, because, "SO and so's aunt's cousin's nanny, " needs a seat.

So now that I've gotten that off my back...we can discuss wedding stuff!
We looked at our first venue last night...Peter White Studios.
It was so cool! Views of the statue of Liberty, the Verazano bridge in one direction and then the skyline and the water in the other direction. the windows are incredible and the space can be made into anything we imagine! Take a look at the's just fantastic!
We have a bunch of appointments lined up over the next coupld weeks, so I'll def keep posting the different venues.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The joys of registering...

Again I had a with the "gun" him with the list of must have items for every new bride and groom...and we're off! We hit the ground running full force to an easy section of the store, well...easy because we had done a little private run through the weekend before and had already agreed on it...the flat ware! So there we are staring. SO EXCITED to scan away, but there's no barcode...So in a panic we both run back to the counter and the guys like, "just type in the #'s." BUT THAT'S NOT USING THE SCANNER>>>THAT'S THE FUN PART! oh well...we did it. Our first items were our flat ware...super.

We spent the next 3 hours scanning away, compromising, insisting, sometimes starting at each other like we were nuts! He couldn't understand why I didn't want to register for a cast iron skillet...well, because I'll never use it because it's heavy and I have all that other damn non-stick stuff! I thought he was nuts for suggesting we get .65 chopstick know...pretty standard. hehehe:) But we did it. We had fun, got a little tired and learned a lot about who likes what gadget in the kitchen.

Then we went over to Bloomingdales. See, you think you're getting a're not! Such a sham! Crazy lady Janice with terrible lipstick and a god awful black suit was "our wedding aid." uhmmmm...she sucked. She talked to much and I was already dying to get started and she just kept talking and talking and bullshitting...enough already!

FINALLY, we started the process. The first item we registered for was a blender... I mean, we don't really need a blender, but because we got margarita glasses at Crate & barrel, we now need a blender. Finally, it got to be too much and we called it a day, saying we'd back back on Sunday. We had a fabulous engagement party to attend that night and we had to rest up!

I'm happy to say the party was wonderful! So many great friends came out to toast felt so good:) My incredible hangover the next day wasn't so awesome, but we had work to do...finish registering! whoo hoo!

It was another long day,but we made it through Bloomies. We got sheets and pillows...
Then we went to Michael C. FIna to pick a China pattern. This is where we came to a hault. We were too tired and grumpy and hungry...there was no way I could even look at that stuff anymore! So we have to go back...another day of registering. Can't wait!

Not gonna lie though...most of the process is very fun! Just eat and drink and get a good night sleep before and you're all set!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wedding planner #3-Francesca

We met Francesca alllll the way downtown on Broad street in a Starbucks. She was very nice and super smart on the topic of wedding planning. We walked through everything step by step and talked about venues and flowers and dresses and so on and on and on and on...seriously at one point, I was staring at her talking, but I wasn't actually hearing anything. I just squeezed Ken's hand and sat there with a slowly fading smile on my face.

It's not that I didn't like her, I just couldn't listen to her anymore! She is the perfect wedding planner for someone who likes total detail, but that's not me. I'm all about the big picture and they deal with the small stuff. I guess i always imagined my wedding planner in the room with me as I got my dress on and stuff, but you know what? I really don't care anymore. I'm 99% sure we are going with Shawn and that is fine by me! He is so fabulous and sharp! I can't wait to get started!

It's funny though...I think having a couple weeks of really just fun planning in our heads has been good for us. This weekend we didn't really do ANY planning at all. We just enjoyed being engaged and hanging out with some great friends eating and drinking outside. Being engaged is really fantastic! Everything just kind of flows and we're getting to enjoy each other on a new level.

Monday, August 28, 2006

wedding planner #2- Susan

I was on such a high...seriously, after Shawn, nothing could touch me! I was so convinced that my budget was completely fine for the wedding we want to have and that of course, everyone would agree right? No. I was fine until I met Susan. I should have known when I walked into her 5th ave office that this was NOT going to be cheap. She has an amazing space, very modern, very very cool and she's an interesting lady, who has been doing this for a very long time. I thought she was a little over the top with her short short bonde hair with pink tips,but whatever, I thought she was going to be very fun to work with. I sat down and she asked the dreaded question..."what's the budget?" I wish wish wish I could've told her, $250,000 or even $150,000, but I couldn't. AND! I don't want that...That is NOT OK! It is not normal or ok to spend that much on a wedding...MY BUDGET is not normal...It's too high in my opinion, but I guess when you dive into the $77billion dollar industry that is weddings, things change a little.

Anyway, she asked, I told, she stopped. Her words were, "I wish I would have asked you that before you came here." He fees are around $25,000. Which in her opinion wouldn't leave much for my wedding and especially NOT in Manhattan. I don't believe everyone who gets married spends over $100,000 on their weddings...I just don't! COME ON!

I refuse to get married in a catering hall or ballroom of a hotel...NO way in hell, AND NOT IN JERSEY OR LONG ISLAND! I mean, if the St. Regis by some miracle decides to grant me my wish, then fine, but otherwise, no way. I made the mistake of buying NJ Weddings! Can we say wedding factories! Holy crap! I'm sure they do an awesome job, but our wedding is so far from traditional that it would be wierd...

ANyway, she had some good ideas, but ultimately said she couldn't really help us, but that she really liked us and wished the best.

So it wasn't a total wash. We got one amazing idea from her and we are most likely using it, so hey, it was worth it.

One more meeting on Thursday with Francesca...She is in our budget...I asked. So we'll see, but I'm get more and more antsy to talk to Shawn again.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Wedding planner #1- Shawn

We had our first person to person meeting with a wedding planner last night and it was so much fun! Up until that point I'd only spoken to them on the phone and well, it was exhausting listening to the same stuff over and over again...But Shawn has something...he's fun, funny and "got" our concept right away.

He called it Calvin Klein sleek...hehehe in a way, but not that minimalistic, but anyway, he got it. He Loved our ideas and totally felt out our personalities. We were with him for over an hour and by the time we were wrapping up we both knew it was going to be Shawn. But, we agreed to meeting with another planner this evening just to give ourselves options. I don't know how she's going to match him though...he is just so fabulous! When he started talking about turning over rooms and creating the lounge for the after party, I was sold...hehehe uhmmm and he was ALL OVER our desert ideas and was a big fan of our food choices!

Oh...and did I mention his fee is NOT $20k and he didn't look at me and my budget and say "no way." He was so positive and said it would be incredible!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One Moment

Ever since I was a little girl I seriously dreamt about things like, What was the man like that I'd end up marrying? Would I ever get married? What would my dress look like? My ring? will it be big or small, sparkle or be smooth? What I didn't dream about was the actual engagement, so it was an incredibly wonderful surprise when on Friday night my amazing boyfriend proposed!

We had been talking about our wedding and what we like for months but I was never quite sure when we'd actually get engaged. Friday was definitely NOT the day I thought it would finally happen...but it did!!! We were sitting on the couch sifting through about 35 open house flyers that we planned to view on sunday. I had just finished looking at the last one and mentioned going to dinner, when he said, "wouldn't it be great if we were engaged looking at these apts?" I said, "shut it...seriously, stop joking around" and went to get up and he got down on he knees. I freaked out! I didn't think he was serious until I saw the little box and his face. He was so sweet and so excited and i just got so lost in the moment that I got down on the floor with him. He asked me and I said yes and then he asked me if I wanted to see the ring? "OF COURSE!" And it was incredible! I didn't believe it was for was just that beautiful.

When I finally had it on my hand I just couldn't stop staring! We had some chapagne and then called our friends and family:) He even gave me the cutest card that had everything he knew he'd forget to say, written in it. Which is amazing, because I'll have that forever and be able to relive that moment!

We then went to dinner at the Turkish Kitchen, one of our favorite places and then went home to relax Steph and ken style with a fun movie and more real estate listings:)

I didn't sleep at all that night...just kept looking at my ring and at him...knowing that this amazing man sleeping next to me was the person I was going to marry and he loves me so much. I've never had a safer more comforting feeling. He is everything and more that I could have ever dreamed of and loves me so much. That whole weekend I just couldn't believe that I was so lucky! How do things like this happen?

I was talking to someone the other day about lucky people and people who just get shit on all the time. I want to know what it is that makes some people so lucky and others so not. Is it karma? Is it destiny? Sometimes I feel so guilty because my life is so blessed and so lucky. I know that I won't take it for granted ever! Good things happen all the time and it's amazing to just be able to step back and see it all play out. When I got engaged it was like the begining of a totally new journey! I'm going to have a husband!!! It's insane! I'm going to have a new last name and have kids! How crazy is that! I mean, not for a while,but still...

Anyway, let's just say friday was one of the best days of my life! And now there's the wedding...A wedding used to be easy and a celebration of a new life together...this is 2006 and the average wedding in NYC costs $70,000...that's on the low side...I have no words. I actually had a wedding planner hang up on me today because my budget is too low and her fee alone is $20,000...Bitch. hehehe

So from now on, most of my posts will be wedding related. Fashion week will come and go, but my wedding will still be in planning phase:) wish me luck and if you have any fabulous suggestions or tips, I'd love to hear them!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

To Tweeze or Not to Tweeze...

This morning in my rush to absorb as much of the NY Times as I could I came across an article that poses an interesting question. Granted the article about Singapore being the new haven for stem cell research, is much more newsworthy, but I've decided to go with the one that touches upon a topic a little closer to our hearts at the moment...our eyebrows.

I love how the media and fashion world declare every start of fall season, Thicker is Better! But then what do you see on all the magazine covers and in real life? You see normal eyebrows! None of this bushy shit! Seriously, if I wanted to look like Groucho Marx I'd let them grow, but why would i want that?

I've seen girls with those brows...they are not cute. I don't care how trendy you think you's not cute! It's like wearing socks with sandals or heels to an outdoor grassy's not cute and it looks bad and out of place and even though you're sitting there thinking, "wow, I'm getting so much attention and people think I'm so cool," they're really not thinking that...

So then I ask myself, wow, someone really wants ladies to have these bushy brows because there's a full page article in the NY Times about it and how great it is...What sick PR firm did this? ANd what insane editor thought, "Sure, I'll write about thick eyebrows today." Seriously, I don't get it. Ok so now there are products that can make your brows grow faster and stronger... But I have to go back to the question, WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT!!!!?

I realize this isn't an earth shattering topic, but I keep seeing this season after season and it makes me crazy because it makes me think we've lost all sense of creativity...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Treat:)

I've noticed over the past year that my clothing buying habits have hit an all time low. It's not that I dont' buy stuff, I just seem to be buying crap. Old Navy, H&M, Target...these have become my staple stores because I don't dress too formal for work and it's cheap and easy...a sort of disposable clothing. I wear it for a while and then I chuck it...and I don't feel bad because it was so incredibly cheap! But what has happened is that I look pretty shabby chic. (side not: these stores are great for basics and fun shirts to wear out) There's a limit to how many beaters you can have from Old Navy... So this past saturday I went on a little bit of a shopping spree.

It was amazing how everything fit so well and just felt so nice! Eli Tahari! DKNY! Dana Buchman! Ralph Lauren! Classic designers who design for a real good fit. None of this marc Jacobs stuff that fits a stick and costs a fortune! I was in heaven! Dana Buchman actually makes a button down that fits big boobs! SHOCKING! Whenever I attempt to buy a button down at ANY of those stores I mentioned I end up with one boob hanging out and things being squeezed that just shouldn't be.

Before I knew it I had piles of clothing that I couldn't leave behind! New fall jackets and sweaters. Skirts and shirts! It was just so overwhelming! As was the charge to my credit card, but you know was worth it. I can feel the difference!

I have to say I was very pleased with the fall collections. After the crap many designers put forth for spring summer, it was a nice surprise! Well, maybe I'm just a little biased...fall IS my favorite season!

What was it like before cell phones?

So it seems this is the year when things are going to happen that I never thought would happen to me...First my hard drive fails and now this...I lost my cell phone. My very pretty light pink Razr, the core of my contacts, my line of communication...GONE, ALong with every contact I had in there, because well...I don't write things down...This wasn't supposed to happen to me! I hear of people dropping phone in toilets all the time. Having phones stolen out of bags, people leaving them in public places...I don't do that! Rrrrright. Well, until last thursday when my phone disapeared. Now, I can't be certain that it wasn't stolen, but at this point I'm taking responsiblity and just saying I lost it. So there I was for 5 day without my phone and you know what? It was amazing! Just not hearing it ring was incredible! I still kept in touch with people through my blackberry, but no cell phone!

Then I forgot my blackberry in NJ at a party. Sunday phone, no blackberry. I was completely without communication was even better! no buzzing every 10 min with clients asking questions, no spam! I think my stress level dopped 10 points!

So here I am on tuesday phone is back as is my Blackberry and things are getting back to normal, but I'm so aware of their presence now. I think everyone should take a day or two and just shut down. No phones, no blackberries, no computers...just forget about everyone and everything ELSE you could be doing or should be talking to and just enjoy the moment:)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

An Old Favorite...How Could I Forget!

I had dinner tonight at an old favorite that I haven't been to in I'd say, over a year! SON CUBANO!!!! What a wonderful meal with tasty dishes, great music and a good vibe. There's really not much on the menu not to like...the Tapitas are fabulous! We had goat cheese and hazelnut fritters, croquetas de queso, which were just incredible! Pastelitos de picadillo, puffed pastry with spiced meat inside...absolutely fantastic! The list is extensive and everything looks so delicious!
For my main course I had the Palomilla, thinly pounded sirloin steak covered with caramelized onions served with steamed white rice. This was so tender and really hit the spot.
The crowd was very fun, with well dressed women sipping lovely drinks or dancing between was a very fun evening and if you haven't been yet or haven't been in a while...GO! You'll be happy you did:)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scent of a woman...

So here we are in the middle of another heat wave in Manhattan...I'm talking 100+ degrees and some women still walk around WITHOUT deodorant on! For the love of god people! I took the subway 3 times yesterday (this is a lot for me... I usually take it once a day) and each time I was standing near a WOMAN who stank! Not even just a little smelly mixing with perfume, but full on BO... So this morning when I was reading the post one of the first articles I noticed was on just this topic...deodorant. Thank you NY Post for making light of this and to all you sweaty stinky ladies out there...please please please take care of that problem, because yes, it is a problem!

The Post had some good suggestions which I will list, but I also have a few additions to the list.

1. Mitchum for women clear gel- I've never used this, but it was a high scorer on the Post list...I'll probably try this.

2. SURE solid unscented- this is what I currently use and really like. it's cheap and keeps me dry. Seriously nothing fancy. And in my opinion there's nothing worse that smelling like cheap baby powder and sweat so stay away for ALL powder scented sticks! YUCK! I used to and still have a rule about deodorant when borrowing an item of clothing...ONLY use unscented and must use a perfume I like...otherwise we're a no go.

3.Degree ultra clear- Also scored high on the list...I guess it really kicks in when you need it.

4.Kiehls- This stuff is great! It's smooth and stays on and doesn't dry the shit out of your skin. I know guys who use this and girls so give it a go.

5.Lady Speed Stick- NO!

6.Dove Ultimate clear- hmmm I tried this...I liked how it made my skin feel,but I was a sweaty mess after a spin class at 6pm...did not hold up. The post kind of said the same thing...

7. Ban- Oh dear god...I used this for a while and my clothing would just start to smell! I wil never go back to BAN...

Anyway, I'm sure everyone is different in "that" department, so go with what works but seriously, stay away from powder scent and if a spray is what works for you or a crystal or whatever...JUST USE IT NOW! Have mercy on those around you on the subway! :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fall is on its way...I love fall!

As Fall items officially dropped on retail floors a couple days ago, yes, July 25th (although walking through bloomies on sunday felt like Thanksgiving) I'm very excited to share some choice items that I'm completely in love with for fall and now have to figure out how I'm going to get my hands on some of them!!!!

These adorable Brian Atwoods are just stunning! That red is perfection and I can already see them on my feet! How much fun would it be to throw those on with a short little black dress with a bubble bottom!!!? I think I would walk down the street just looking at my feet, which is not very elegant, but who cares!!! LOOK AT THEM! ($510)

What can I say about these Christian Laboutin! The chocolate suede just screams touch me and the red sole can really just make an outfit...You think I'm crazy right? well no...because say you are wearing a perfectly fit Akris pencil skirt with a stunning crisp white Thomas Pink button down, with a sexy high waisted belt...and then those shoes! How adorable is that as you run to catch a cab showing off your very sexy soles! I just think it makes the shoe...otherwise, it's just a platform, and well...then just go to Steve Madden. I saw he's making a copy of these already if you can't spend the $770 on these, Steve prbably has them for like $80!!!

This Carlos Falchi Croc skin bag is glorious in the picture,but 100 times more incredible in person! It has a classic shape and is easy to carry. Ok, let's be serious here, this bag costs around $5000 so I'm not going to be sprinting to my nearest SAKS to buy it, but a girl can dream right?! ANd these days smaller bag companies are modifying and perfecting croco-like leathers to perfection for as cheap as $150!!! I'm just bowing to Mr. are a master of your craft!

These Giuseppe Zanotti wedges are more than fabulous...they're super fabulous! I personally could NEVER walk in them, but I know people who could! How great are these!!!!!??? If these were a little but smaller in the heel they would be my shoes of the season! But, I'd top off at 6'3 in these puppies and well, that's just not going to work next to my 6'2 bf... But, I had to show you all and if you feel you can pull them off, then wear them in good health and enjoy the shit out of them!!! I'm jealous!!!!! ($495)

This very pretty Mary Margill necklace is one of the coolest I've seen from fall collections...I see alot of collections...a ton of new designers and I've pretty much know when was coming out for fall since many months back, but I hadn't seen this and I just love it. I think it sends a great message and also serves as a wonderful reminder of our strength. This is a MUST HAVE! ($650)

SO there you have a few desired items...I think they are delicious on so many levels! AND, I'm sure there will some great copies coming out very soon...thank god!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A cool Show...another reason to love New York!

Yesterday is a little fuzzy when I try to think back to where my day began...The usual, get up, shower, jump in a cab to all day doing a ton of stuff that usually leads to a tiny conclusion, then ran home, ran to my boot camp class at the gym, sweated my ever-expanding ass off, sprinted home, showered, jumped in a cab and arrived at my destination...the Sean Kelly Gallery on 29th between 10th and 11th.

The exibit was a side by side display of Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol's Celebrity Portraits. This is the first time these two artist have been displayed side by side, and even though it's a very quick walk-through, it is very cool to see. Andy's polaroids are very fun to examine and Robert's bigger prints all have something just so captivating about them. My favorite was most definitely the Mapplethorpe of Isabella Rossellini. She is just gorgeous! From Mick Jagger to Copote, there are so many different personalities to look at! Everything is for sale ranging from $7500 to $85,000 so if it's not all sold already, you can get some great stuff!

Following that nice little walk-through, we jumped over to Pre Post for a quick dinner. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had the Chillean Sea bass and it was well prepared, with a sake, mushroom and pineapple sauce. It was the perfect portion as well, which I find is important these days...Usually the portion size is off and I end up feeling too full or still hungry. From there we walked a couple blocks and decided to jump in a cab home. It was another great New York evening...always something interesting to do and great places to eat with great people.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A few fun new lines to def check out!

I had the opportunity to attend the POOL trade show yesterday. POOL is a show for Innovative designers and offers the latest in trends and development. It's really fantastic and I saw some really amazing new collections of jewelry, clothing and handbags. Below are a few lines I thought were very fun!

RXapparel- Christina Ewald is a vintage genius! She makes the most adorable and out there things from old clothing! She had a sweater there with CareBear printed was just that cute. But she doesn't just do the "cute" type...she also designs for numerous well known bands and rockers. She is admired for her rough constructions and great color choices. I absolutely LOVED it! check her out at

Mimi Turner-
Mimi might already be well known in the fashion world, but she has a wonderful way of keeping it real. She's this fabulous Cuban chic who makes incredible clothing that flatters the female form. AND her color choices are perfect. She can really pick shades that flatter most women, while staying with the seasons choice pantone scheme...

CO.KEE Studio- This brand is just great. These two guys from LA started this very funny clothing line of Tshirts and tanks with some damn funny definitions. For example: RED STATE (hart-land)n. 1. Vast non-coastal area of USA whur all them people's still Jesus in thur hearts. See also God's Country.
I seriously almost peed my pants! Oh wait, another one...
Soap Star (Sha-lo)n. 1. Relatively unknown, unappreciated actor. 2 Huge superstar in easter Europe. See also Job Security.
hahaha I LOVE IT! there are so many more.

Shalgo- awesome line of ipod holders, wallets and other fun stuff made totally out of duct tape...

Jacqui Chazen Designs:
uhmmm just cool. Buttery soft leather in belts, watch bands that wrap around, and braided hair bands...really pretty and look good on everyone!

There were so many more that I could write about...and I might, just not right now. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I know a lot of foodies who talk about chefs as if they are personal friends...and that's cool, some of these chefs are very talented and inspirational and really form trends. I think of all people to admire, chefs are a good choice.

You think of Mario Batali and his incredible restaurants and line of cookwear and personality and we're sucked into his world. When we watch him prepare his plates, we wish we were THAT good. Look at Anthony him. He's fun, cool, can cook and opens worlds up to us that we never saw before on his show, No Reservations.

This is exactly what happened to me last night as I sat on the couch and watch Anthony introduce me to famous chef, Ferran Andria. You think you've seen a lot...nope, you think you've eaten many different types of probably have not. This chef is a revolutionary in the purest sense of the word. He goes against EVERY traditional interpretation of cooking. The idea that a crazy mess in the kitchen with steam and stuff everywhere, with people yelling and chef drilling everyone is what creative cooking is all's not. What I saw was amazing! This man is a genius. He takes to back to the basic essense of food and then completely changes your perception of what is acceptable. Fried fish with cotton candy...frozen foie gras shaving with broth...carrot ginger foam, snowballs filled with strawberries...and yet it all works. He works in a lab with chemical formulas to make sure that every step is accounted for. He makes food better than you ever though it could be. His kitchen is almost silent and spotless. Every step is perfect.

His restaurant, El Bulli, located in the hill north of Barcelona might just be the toughest reservation to get in the world. The meal is a 20 course serving that challenges your senses and makes you think about food completely differently. I think I might make a reservation now so that in 5 years we can go!

I strongly encourage everyone to look this chef up and to learn more about him and what he's all about. I definately plan on it!
Oh! and watch No Reservations on the travel channel! What a great show!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Del Posto for a birthday dinner...not to shabby.

Finally! Del Posto! I have never wanted to eat a restaurant so bad and have been looking forward to this meal for such a long time! When I found out we were headed to Del Posto for my birthday I was counting the days!!!

It was everything I thought it would be. The place is beautifuly designed inside to give a grand impression. There are fresh flowers, a stunning long bar to the side, stairs it seems everywhere running downstairs in the front and upstairs in the back center. There are marble topped stations that cool drinks and keep freshly prepared food warm right in the center of the seating, carts with goodies like cheese, fresh cookies and chocolate for the tasting, and my favorite...very cool floors. I absolutely noticed that first when i walked in. It has a very Vasarely feel to it and the colors are great. It create a wonderful depth to the space.

The staff was also very nice. Everyone was calm and attentive...we had a little issue with finding a salt grinder that worked, but it was pretty funny and after that nothing went wrong. For starters we ordered the anitpasta plate, which was very yum...A little parma a little cheese, some lovely olives and fresh summer squash. ALl washed down with some refreshing prosecco...perfect!

For primi we went with the choice of 3 pastas for the table. We began with a ravioli filed with short ribs, topped with butter and leeks...AMAZING! Next, we had gnocchi with wite beans and asparugus pesto...also very good. And finally we had fresh spinach pene with bolognese sauce. That pasta was had the perfect consistency and really compimented its sauce,which was just outstanding.

For secondi I had the duck...The best duck I've ever had. I think it beat out the duck I had at the SW steak house at the Wynn in Las Vegas, and that's hard to beat, because that really was the best meal I've ever had. It was really just fantastic! It melted in my mouth and had a wonderful sweet/salty glaze on it that really finished it off well.

For desert, I of course did the chocolate tasting. The chocolates ranged from 60% cacao, 72% to 90%!!!!! That was a really fun experience. Just tasting the different levels of cacao was interesting and very enlightening...I personally like the 72% the best. It had a creamy enough base but had a wonderful full taste. The 90% wasn't very good at had a sour after taste and crumbled in my didn't melt well at all...but it was very cool to taste. Ken had a Salzbuger Nokerl, a very yummy rasberry puff thing, with a lemon basil cream tower next to it...ALSO great! And I had laveder Chamomile tea...very smooth and settled my stomach perfectly.

The meal ended with some incredible fresh cookies and a little bag to go of fresh bread cute is that!!!!

After 3 1/2 hours... our meal ended. It was really just so much fun and I can't wait to go back!!!! It's not cheap, but I've definitely paid that much money at a huge group dinner where all I ate was a small meal and a half a glass of wine, while everyone else got wasted on drink after drink...THIS was soooo much more worth it!

I strongly suggest you go to Del Posto!!!

OH! And a side note!!! Ken got me a wonderful bday present!!!!! I am the proud new owner of the top of the line Ice Cream machine!!! whoo hooo! I can't wait to make fresh gelato and other fun stuff!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006


I've realized that I just ADORE this city! When I leave it for a day too long, I miss it. When I'm discussing it with other city dwellers, I get super excited to tell them about all the amazing things we have here. When I think and dream about NYC, my dreams are always filled with great images and wonderful memories. There's just no other place like NYC.

I have lived in other cities, many of them also exciting and wonderful, but there's just no getting over New may think you are beat down and tired,but then you leave and it haunts you,because you will always know how incredible it is here. This is not to say that everyone is meant to live here. I know many who get cranky about the crowded streets and say New Yorker's are nasty and whatever, but when someone leaves here by choice, another moves right in to start their fantastic adventure! Some people are just not city people and need more grass, a car to drive to work everyday...that's totally acceptable,but not for me. This city gives me energy everyday! I love hearing the sirens of the fire trucks, the smell of coffee and bacon streaming from the deli in the morning...I love the craziness on the subway in the morning, well, when I'm not waiting 30 min for a train, but I just love seeing all the different types of people. I've lived here for 4 years now and it just doesn't get old. Soon I'll move from Gramercy to who know where in the city,but it will be a whole new adventure and feel I'm sure.

Anyway, this weekend was wonderful! It was a sort of birthday weekend and my two very best friends from school came up to visit. It was amazing having them here, as usual and when they left it felt terrible and I'll miss them till I see them again in August.

The weekend started with drinks at a local bar with a bunch of my friends and my boyfriends friends all meeting up. Very calm and so good to see everyone! Saturday continued in style with a spa day for 13 friends. It was so nice to relax in a steam room and sauna! It was short, but worth it! Later that night we met up on the rooftop of 230 5th ave for a little drinkin...I'm just so lucky to have great people in my life! Ken bought a bottle of champagne to start off the evening and then a bottle of vodka to keep it going:) It was just perfect sitting there over looking the empire state building and the rest of this wonderful city! It was such a great night...It was the perfect birthday.

Sunday we went to 5 points for brunch...uhmmm...I have no words...just so good. Then we moved onto a little shopping then home to watch the world cup finals!!! whooo hooo!!!! I couldn't be happier about Italy's win!!! What an incredible end to a loooooong game! I called my house to congratulate my dad and there was music and I could hear my mom in the background singing the anthem...I swear it was like New Years over there!!! SoOOOOOOOO exciting!

Then Ken and I wrapped up the perfect weekend with an early birthday present...a magnificent box of chocolates from Maison du Chocolat, some pizza and seeing the movie, Cars....super cute!

Anyway, it was a great weekend! Everything went so smoothly and I had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What happens when...


There are many things in life that mess with our heads...Men, food, doctors, body image...whatever.... but when your lifeline, your computer dies, what do you do? who do you call? It's not like you can just call you dentist and have your cavity filled or your doctor to get a prescription...this is SERIOUS! Your baby, your everything that holds everything, pictures, music, emails, letters, business documents, taxes...ALL GONE! All you passwords and cookies have to be reset, your settings and your order of documents...Seriously, besides a death or major illness, the loss of a hard drive is the worst thing in the world.

On Sunday night, my baby started flipping out...applications shutting down, wierd name it...Then it happened. The apple came up and the pinwheel started turning and nothing...silence, no movement. I started calmly restarting it and holding down the good old keys that always worked up until that moment...NOTHING. So I shut down and put it away.

The next morning I called Tekserve even before it opened by like 4 minutes and then proceeded to call every minute till someone finally answered only to get someone to tell me that i should just come in. So I went. I waited by the fishtank with all the other parents of sick laptops and computers... It was very sad. I was in a total zone...I was soaking wet, because I had walked there from my apt, not realizing it was raining because of this zone...So there I was dripping holding my baby... Finally they called my #...60. And a very nice girl proceeded to diagnose my computer. She told me the hard drive had failed. She showed me where exactly and told me it would cost $290 for a new hard drive and then $900 for data recovery. I started to tear up... my zone started to shake off and the tears came...I pulled it together enough to tell her that I had backed up most of my stuff so I wouldn't be needing the $900 service, but that the hard drive was a must.

I left defeated and sad and empty handed.

Yesterday was a bad day...bad things happen in 3's and it did to me too. I messed up a stock order, I pulled money from the wrong account, my computer died...bad day.

Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who brought me sunflowers and cheered me up. I cooked dinner and we just relaxed together...Not gonna lie...a little sex on days like this is a wonderful thing:)

Today is a brighter day. I picked up my computer and it's feeling better and working...Tomorrow the tech guy, Ben (love ben), comes to load back on what I have saved and then the journey begins again...till it happens once more...and well, it will, but this time I will be prepared for the shock of it all.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chinatown Brasserie

Last night Ken and I finally hit up Chinatown Brasserie...I've had my eye on it for a couple weeks now, ever since I passed it heading to brunch at 5 Points (ALSO AMAZING!). It's in the old Fez spot and well, I have some funny memories of that place, so I thought why the hell not check it out.
The place is really great inside! It has a long bar to the left with some smaller tables...very easy place to meet for happy hour! And...their frozen Mai Tai was very refreshing. Our table was near the center of the dining room and our server was excellent. We ordered som Dim Sum to start...Soup dumplings and pork buns... Fantastic! And then for the main course we had the peking duck with noodles and mushrooms...also wonderful! The desert was chocolate cake, of course...I always go for the chocolate cake. Yummy and warm and served with Creme Fraiche...
Overall I'd have to say it was a great dinner! The decor is warm and welcoming with some very pretty textiles and colors(the huge curtains are an amazing orange silk with Aqua velvet bottoms) and the staff was incredibly friendly and attentive. The only downside...we spent $120 on chinese food...yep, that's right, a meal that in chinatown would have been just as incredible and would have cost us $35 at most, cost us $120...

Check it out and have a drink at the bar and maybe order some dim sum... Otherwise, head to Joe's Shanghai...:)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's craving...

CHEESECAKE!!! I represent a company called New York New York Cheesecake and I swear they have the BEST cheesecake on earth! It's more than just creamy and sweet, it's incredible, melt-in-your mouth smooth and wonderful! Anyway, I talk about cheesecake ALL day long to editors, celeb publicists, producers...but I never actually get to sit around and eat the stuff. So today I sent my intern over to the store to grab some for the office. It really made my day!

Not to mention they just launched a Miss New york New York cheesecake contest where if you send in a pic of yourself in a bathingsuit and a note as to why you're the #1 fan of cheesecake, you could win $1000 cash...If I could do it I totally would! I mean, why the hell not!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My yesterday posted today...

There's something about when it rains in this city...New Yorkers get grumpy and well drivers who come in from out of town get sloppy. Actually, I think there should be a new rule that says NO non New Yorkers can enter the island of Manhattan when it's raining. This morning I woke up, attempted to take my dog out for his morning walk, but because of the rain drops on his head he dropped his ears, gave me "that" look and bolted for the door into my building...I then showered, dropped a big ass bottle of conditioner on my foot, slipped getting out of my shower because my phone was ringing ( I never just jump out...I always wipe my feet before putting them down on the rug...I hate wet rug!) and I almost bit it big time!

I had a 10:15Am doctor's app on the UES so when I left my apt at 9:45 I thought, cool I'll just jump in a cab... Picture me in long shorts, flip flops and a sweater...not the best outfit for today!
So I'm standing there in the rain, getting soaked when huge royal blue escalade heads right for me! No blinker, nothing just coming at me! So I move back a little and to the right and it starts backing up into me!!! I'm like "what the hell?!" This idiot was actually trying to park but was 10 ft from the curb, with no blinker on! So she yells out to me, "move your fat ass!" uhmmmmmmmm... If you know me, you know I have black out moments where I just lose it...this was one of those moments. I approached the car window, got up in her face and told her, "there are many things on me that have fat, but my ass is not one of them so fuck you." i then gave her the finger and I told her to go to hell and learn how to park., and that I would call the cops for trying to hit me." I think she got scared because she drove away and didn't come back...LA LOSER! OMG can you imagine! I do not spend 4 hours a week in spin class and another 2 running, so that some dumb ass bitch in an ugly car can tell me I have a fat ass! I DON'T THINK SO! Oh and she was an out-of-towner! Seriously, there should be a law!

I made it to my doctor, spent $200 because she doesn't take ANY insurance, not that I have any, but still... got home to pick up my dog an hour later to see he pooped all over the bathroom because well, he had to go... Ran to work and here I am...Super day so far...super! it can only get better or more strange...

*** The day got better...Ended it with a great gathering of friends, wine and yummy food...Even in the rain there is hope!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Desired handbags!!!!

I am in love with this designer...Begeren Catalina. These bags are really incredible and you can see just from the pics that they are very good quality. They are all made in Italy and the designs really fit your lifestyle...Prices range from $700-$1300 from what I can tell, so not too bad. The next time you are faced with "bag buying decision time" and you're face to face with a Kooba or Botkier, think of Begeren Catalina... You'll be so happy you did!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Is it a good idea or a bad idea?

Over the past few months I've been debating on getting some sort of method of transportation...Since a driver will just have to wait till my budget can fit it...hehe rrrright, I thought about purchasing a vespa. Wouldn't it be so nice to just jump on my pretty vespa, place my dog in the front basket and be on my way to work in the morning and to wherever in the afternoon? But I soon realized that parking it costs $150 a month in my garage and So now after spending a weekend bike riding I'm thinking maybe a shiny new bike is in order! I came across this bike on another fabulous website called It's so pretty and they actually come in many different colors and styles. The Bike is called the Electra Betty Cruiser and it's just fabulous! Oh! and believe it or not, but you can find the old school back pedal breaks on some of these bikes as well! LOVED THOSE! Anyway, check them out...

I'm still not 100% about the bike thing...drivers in NYC are just not bike friendly and I would fear the messenger gang trying to take me out on my pretty pink bike...I can just see it now..."bitter messenger knocks out girl on pink bike..." And my ass would be broadcast citywide as they show me face down, ass up on the asphalt...hmmmm...not pretty.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And there you have it!

I always knew that chocolate was the best thing ever...I just knew it! And here's why...not only does it taste amazing and smell heavenly, but it also makes you smarter. That's right, you heard makes you SMARTER!

According to Reuters, after comsuming chocolate and then waiting 15 min "Composite scores for verbal and visual memory were significantly higher for milk chocolate than the other conditions," Raudenbush told Reuters. And consumption of milk and dark chocolate was associated with improved impulse control and reaction time."

I love milk chocolate! I love all kinds of chocolate and my now chocolate addiction is completely validated! I must eat chocolate to stay on top of my game...

check out the article:

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Best of Best!

I just spent 3 days with an amazing group of people. They are the Players of the Marquis Jet players club...All I can say is WOW! For a company that went from two founders to a couple of friends helping, to a $400million company in 5 years with over 100 employees and offices around the country, they really know how to do it right! This was the trip to celebrate and congratulate the Best of Best within the company and I had the pleasure of attending with my very good friend Amy...a true player.

You have to realize something about these people...they are really in it for the benefit of EVERYONE involved in this business. Of course it's about money too...but I don't know of many companies that spend over $200k JUST to take their top 20 employees on an all expenses paid vacation to one of the MOST EXCLUSIVE hotels in the world and treat them like family and royalty. Most companies give out a bonus, a nice pat on the back and that's that. Marquis Jet does that too and some... This is a very special place to work and after spending 3 days with the founders and the top people, I can say with confidence that it is one of the leading companies and it would be an honor to work with them. All I can say is WOW!

Anyway, the trip was fabulous...beyond flying private and having a personal escort in a car to the plane door, to having a wonderful meal prepared for just you on the plane, to being able to sleep and just feel like you're still a functioning human when we arrived in the Bahamas was amazing! Everything was coordinated flawlessly...the Marquis Jet event staff is incredible!

We then ate like royalty...I've never seen so much fresh seafood in my life! And a night at NOBU was fantastic as well...loved everything!

And...the 3 spa treatments in 3 days wasn't too shabby either...I'm all massaged out! The hotel was the One and Only Ocean Club and the facilities were magnificent, the staff was the nicest I've ever experienced and the quality of everything was remarkable. I would LOVE to go back!

There's so much more to tell the room, the incredible bed, the "pillow menu," the fresh chocolate covered strawberries and champagne every night, the Frette Robes, the custom havianas, the room that opened onto the water, the tub with amazing mosaic tiles for 3! SOOO much to just rave about! It just felt wonderful.

But, I'm happy to be back and seeing my boyfriend yesterday after almost 4 days apart was also wonderful! It was such a great feeling to come home to so much love...there's really nothing like it or better:)

pics will be posted soon!!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

How much is enough?

Last night my boyfriend and I had plans with another couple, his very good friends, and we were planning on going to Park Bistro. None of had ever tried it,but always passed by it so why not... We get's closed for a private party. Whatever.
So we decided to try this new restaurant Porcao Churrascaria described as:
Porc√£o, the famous churrascaria from Rio de Janeiro comes to New York City, serving up its legendary Amazon-size chunks of dozens of kinds of grilled meat tableside. In this 11,000-square-foot space we expect there will also be an ample salad bar with dozens of offerings and sushi as in the Rio restaurants.

It was really incredible! The massive salad bar has entire wheels of parmagiano cheese with a bowl of honey next to it, wonderful salads and even some warm starters. After you eat your salad there are these little coaster sized circles on your table that you can turn over to green to have the servers start bringing the meat or to no to stop. Very fun and interactive! LOVED IT!

That's when I ran into problems...I never turned to red...I just kept going...Fillet Mignon, prime rib, flank steak, turkey wrapped in bacon, chicken, garlic top sirloin! Seriously, amazing!
And I thought I was ok...I really did...even when we decided to have desert!!! BAD IDEA! RED FLAGS ALL AROUND! I should have stopped there!

But I didn't, I kept going...

We got up from the table and I thought I might die. Got home and was in so much agony I couldn't get air! I couldn't tell if I was going to puke or my insides were going to just start falling out of my body! I ate way too much. I was in so much pain I couldn't think...If I was on my back I couldn't get oxygen. If I was on my side, I felt like I was going to throw up, if I was on my stomach...oh that was just very bad. Has this ever happended to anyone? I mean it was insane!

The lesson I learned...Stop eating when you even START to get full...!

As for the was great! So much fun and I love all the activity. The meat was great, the wine was excellent and well priced and the desert, well, it was wonderful. Great for groups of people and you'll pretty much always get a table, because the place is just HUGE!