Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MY new discovery of the year! Seriously, this beats all others at the moment

I have found the most amazing mascara ever! God knows I've tried them all, fabulash was good for about a year...then the clumping really got to me...Lancome, it's ok...Maybelline, you can tell me how great it is till you're blue in the's crap for those of us who don't already have amazing lashes. Loreal Lash architect, it's good, but not good enough...I do love the little comb like brush head though.

So here I am...26 years old and I have found it. Besides getting eyelash extensions this is the ONLY mascara that really lengthens. FIBERWIG Mascara is amazing!

They claim Fiberwig is, "Engineered to create the perfect lashes with twice the amount of micro-fine interconnecting fibers, the instant drying formula creates a long lasting film coat around your natural lashes. Fiberwig imparts a perfect, smudge-proof maximum lash extension effect with a water-resistant formula that’s easy to remove with warm water, without risking damaging or losing your natural lashes. A jet-black fiber film coats the surface of each lash with long-lasting, clump-free, lash lengthening color that’s resistant to tears, sweat, and oil."

You have to apply coats of it though...the first coat does nothing but make your lashed darker, then the second coat the fibers start to fuse and build your lash length. Then by the third coat they are significantly longer and you can really the difference!

It's true every last word and more. AND...I know we've been told over and over again to curl your lashed before applying mascara, but with this you can curl after for the FULL wow factor. The fibers form a protective barrier and won't allow your lashes to break...nor will the mascara stick to your curler! So go ahead curl away and show off those amazing lashes!

ALSO, this stuff doesn't smug off or require make-up remover. Just lightly pull on your lashes in the shower under some warm water and you'll see the little black tubes on your finger tips. It doesn't leave a smug or anything!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time to Relax

I can't wait till Friday...You know when you just want the days to fly by so bad that you actually start to believe it's the next day? I've been saying it's Wed all day today and everyone thinks I'm a nut job...Watch, tomorrow it'll be Thursday and I'll be packing my bag! hehehe:)

Anyway, we leave for the Hotel Victor in South Beach on Friday night Can't freakin wait! I think I might actually pack my bag tonight just for the fun of it. I got this adorable little dress that I purchased today after walking into this very cute little cheap boutique. So there you go! I have something to pack:) I seriously think it's going to be like 2 dresses a tank top and bathing suit. That's it!

I also went and purchased all these travel sized items so I could carry my bag onto the that was annoying! And watch, they'll probably take away my lip gloss anyway, bastards!

Then the following weekend is the kick off to wedding season!!! Ilana's wedding is coming up fast and I couldn't be more excited:) I think this is going to be a fabulous summer! I get to see all my college friends that I haven't seen in years, dance my butt off, eat some great food, and drink some good wine! On the weekends that we're not at weddings hopefully we'll be chillin down the shore or by my pool. Yes, yes, this is going to be a great summer!

Oh! Side note, now that it's getting warmer and many of the younger females in the city are peeling away the layers of clothing and exposing a little too much skin. I have to comment on the display. Today I saw a girl walking down the street in front of me with a very short skirt on that every time she took a step swooped up and exposed her entire ass...she was also wearing like 100 year old underwear that should have been thrown away about 100 years ago or never even purchased. Her top was way too tight and she was wearing 3 1/2 inch heeled strappy sandals at 10am walking down the street. She must have thought she looked really hot. She did not.

I could go on, but I'll leave that for next time. I'm sure I'll have more good ones to share:)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time Flies

So much happens and I can never remember what I did yesterday! Seriously, it's May 2nd! Where did April go? I know we had Easter in there somewhere, moved apts, moved offices, went to philly for a Bachelorette party, celebrated a friends birthday...the list goes on and on, but the month felt like a weekend! And here we are May 2nd. 24 days away from a best friends wedding...the first of many and I'm so very excited!

Before we get to that though, Ken and I will be taking a short trip down to South Beach. It was all very sudden, but I'm very excited! We're staying at the Hotel Victor which turns out is a pretty fabulous place. I hadn't really heard of it until recently, but damn! That place is awesome! This way we'll be nice and tan for the wedding the following weekend:)

We've also sorted out our see, this is BIG! We've struggled for months trying to figure this out and we've finally decided to go to Thailand. I couldn't be more excited and now will start counting the days till our departure. The 17 hour flight will require something a little stronger than xanax, but I think we'll survive.

We moved the office on door. We needed more wall space for shelving and showroom stuff so even though we had this very sunny corner office with all windows, we had to move to a room with less light. It just makes sense and I think we'll get used to it very fast. it's just such a pain in the butt setting everything up again just to move 4 feet away! Poor Oscar was wondering back and forth all day trying to find his spot...the little dog passed out so hard that night I had to wake him up the next morning just to go out and pee...and if you know Oscar, that's just strange. He's always up super early begging me to take him out.

And on a product note...I went to Bliss the other day and had a fantastic massage and purchased these great Steep Clean cleansing pads along with the moisturizer to match and I LOVE it! If you're looking for something new to make your skin shine and to clear it up this stuff is awesome!