Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What happens when...


There are many things in life that mess with our heads...Men, food, doctors, body image...whatever.... but when your lifeline, your computer dies, what do you do? who do you call? It's not like you can just call you dentist and have your cavity filled or your doctor to get a prescription...this is SERIOUS! Your baby, your everything that holds everything, pictures, music, emails, letters, business documents, taxes...ALL GONE! All you passwords and cookies have to be reset, your settings and your order of documents...Seriously, besides a death or major illness, the loss of a hard drive is the worst thing in the world.

On Sunday night, my baby started flipping out...applications shutting down, wierd noises...you name it...Then it happened. The apple came up and the pinwheel started turning and nothing...silence, no movement. I started calmly restarting it and holding down the good old keys that always worked up until that moment...NOTHING. So I shut down and put it away.

The next morning I called Tekserve even before it opened by like 4 minutes and then proceeded to call every minute till someone finally answered only to get someone to tell me that i should just come in. So I went. I waited by the fishtank with all the other parents of sick laptops and computers... It was very sad. I was in a total zone...I was soaking wet, because I had walked there from my apt, not realizing it was raining because of this zone...So there I was dripping holding my baby... Finally they called my #...60. And a very nice girl proceeded to diagnose my computer. She told me the hard drive had failed. She showed me where exactly and told me it would cost $290 for a new hard drive and then $900 for data recovery. I started to tear up... my zone started to shake off and the tears came...I pulled it together enough to tell her that I had backed up most of my stuff so I wouldn't be needing the $900 service, but that the hard drive was a must.

I left defeated and sad and empty handed.

Yesterday was a bad day...bad things happen in 3's and it did to me too. I messed up a stock order, I pulled money from the wrong account, my computer died...bad day.

Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who brought me sunflowers and cheered me up. I cooked dinner and we just relaxed together...Not gonna lie...a little sex on days like this is a wonderful thing:)

Today is a brighter day. I picked up my computer and it's feeling better and working...Tomorrow the tech guy, Ben (love ben), comes to load back on what I have saved and then the journey begins again...till it happens once more...and well, it will, but this time I will be prepared for the shock of it all.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chinatown Brasserie

Last night Ken and I finally hit up Chinatown Brasserie...I've had my eye on it for a couple weeks now, ever since I passed it heading to brunch at 5 Points (ALSO AMAZING!). It's in the old Fez spot and well, I have some funny memories of that place, so I thought why the hell not check it out.
The place is really great inside! It has a long bar to the left with some smaller tables...very easy place to meet for happy hour! And...their frozen Mai Tai was very refreshing. Our table was near the center of the dining room and our server was excellent. We ordered som Dim Sum to start...Soup dumplings and pork buns... Fantastic! And then for the main course we had the peking duck with noodles and mushrooms...also wonderful! The desert was chocolate cake, of course...I always go for the chocolate cake. Yummy and warm and served with Creme Fraiche...
Overall I'd have to say it was a great dinner! The decor is warm and welcoming with some very pretty textiles and colors(the huge curtains are an amazing orange silk with Aqua velvet bottoms) and the staff was incredibly friendly and attentive. The only downside...we spent $120 on chinese food...yep, that's right, a meal that in chinatown would have been just as incredible and would have cost us $35 at most, cost us $120...

Check it out and have a drink at the bar and maybe order some dim sum... Otherwise, head to Joe's Shanghai...:)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's craving...

CHEESECAKE!!! I represent a company called New York New York Cheesecake and I swear they have the BEST cheesecake on earth! It's more than just creamy and sweet, it's incredible, melt-in-your mouth smooth and wonderful! Anyway, I talk about cheesecake ALL day long to editors, celeb publicists, producers...but I never actually get to sit around and eat the stuff. So today I sent my intern over to the store to grab some for the office. It really made my day!

Not to mention they just launched a Miss New york New York cheesecake contest where if you send in a pic of yourself in a bathingsuit and a note as to why you're the #1 fan of cheesecake, you could win $1000 cash...If I could do it I totally would! I mean, why the hell not!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My yesterday posted today...

There's something about when it rains in this city...New Yorkers get grumpy and well drivers who come in from out of town get sloppy. Actually, I think there should be a new rule that says NO non New Yorkers can enter the island of Manhattan when it's raining. This morning I woke up, attempted to take my dog out for his morning walk, but because of the rain drops on his head he dropped his ears, gave me "that" look and bolted for the door into my building...I then showered, dropped a big ass bottle of conditioner on my foot, slipped getting out of my shower because my phone was ringing ( I never just jump out...I always wipe my feet before putting them down on the rug...I hate wet rug!) and I almost bit it big time!

I had a 10:15Am doctor's app on the UES so when I left my apt at 9:45 I thought, cool I'll just jump in a cab... Picture me in long shorts, flip flops and a sweater...not the best outfit for today!
So I'm standing there in the rain, getting soaked when huge royal blue escalade heads right for me! No blinker, nothing just coming at me! So I move back a little and to the right and it starts backing up into me!!! I'm like "what the hell?!" This idiot was actually trying to park but was 10 ft from the curb, with no blinker on! So she yells out to me, "move your fat ass!" uhmmmmmmmm... If you know me, you know I have black out moments where I just lose it...this was one of those moments. I approached the car window, got up in her face and told her, "there are many things on me that have fat, but my ass is not one of them so fuck you." i then gave her the finger and I told her to go to hell and learn how to park., and that I would call the cops for trying to hit me." I think she got scared because she drove away and didn't come back...LA LOSER! OMG can you imagine! I do not spend 4 hours a week in spin class and another 2 running, so that some dumb ass bitch in an ugly car can tell me I have a fat ass! I DON'T THINK SO! Oh and she was an out-of-towner! Seriously, there should be a law!

I made it to my doctor, spent $200 because she doesn't take ANY insurance, not that I have any, but still... got home to pick up my dog an hour later to see he pooped all over the bathroom because well, he had to go... Ran to work and here I am...Super day so far...super! it can only get better or more strange...

*** The day got better...Ended it with a great gathering of friends, wine and yummy food...Even in the rain there is hope!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Desired handbags!!!!

I am in love with this designer...Begeren Catalina. These bags are really incredible and you can see just from the pics that they are very good quality. They are all made in Italy and the designs really fit your lifestyle...Prices range from $700-$1300 from what I can tell, so not too bad. The next time you are faced with "bag buying decision time" and you're face to face with a Kooba or Botkier, think of Begeren Catalina... You'll be so happy you did!