Monday, December 12, 2005

Wiser words have never been spoken

I love it when others are completely genius. Here is a page from Sie's blog that was so spot on, I had to share.

Long distance dating is not dating. It's a lay over.

Wiser words have never been spoken.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why is it?

Not loving NYC today.... Why is it?
  • one grapefruit from the corner bodgea costs $2.50
  • there are ATM's on every corner (often more than one), but not when you are 30 minutes late for work and need cab fare.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New York we love them!

So this afternoon I was walking down 2nd ave near 81st street...I was soooo happy it stopped raining for like 10 seconds, and i was just kind of looking around. I walked about one block down and decided to get in a cab. As I'm half way into the taxi this guy comes up behind me and says, "I saw you from inside my store and I just knew i had to meet you." I was like, "what?" He kept going with, "I just want to have a drink with you...please can I have your phone number or here, take mine." And the only thing I could say was, "Sorry, but I'm in love."

Only in New York kids, only in New York...:)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snoop Dogg Takes a Bite

Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg is so hungry for fame, he's now launched his own brand of hot dog.
The foot-long Snoop Doggs - yes, a foot long - come specially packaged in rapper wrappers.

"Imagine a long, skinny hot dog just like Snoop," his brother and business manager Bing Worthington said.

Snoop Doggs are set to hit US supermarkets in January.

Talk about dog eat dog...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So Sorry to all who heard...

A couple weeks ago at a fabulous birthday dinner at Asia de Cuba I made a statement saying that maybe fabulash isn't the best mascara out there because when I ran out I started dipping the fabulash brush into my benefit bad lash mascara and it was wonderful. Well, I finally got my ass to CVS and purchased a new tube of fabulash and well...NOTHING COMPARES!!!! It's hands down the BEST mascara on the market! I'm so sorry I ever said anything bad and that I cheated on such a loyal and true product:)

Very exciting news...

Per a wonderful dinner discussion last week, I'm very excited to announce that He's Just Not That Into You is being produced by one of our favorites...Drew Barrymore!!!! WHOOOO HOOO!!!!

I'm feeling a group trip to the movies for this one might be in order :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

to all Nip/Tuck fans...we have a problem...

Did anyone see this week's episode of Nip/tuck? If you did, you know what I'm about to say... oh yes, they developed a face cream that prevents aging by incorporating CUM into the cream...oh wait, no that's right, the ENTIRE cream is composed of CUM along with a splash of lavendar to give it a more feminine feel...RRRRRrrrrright...because that's going to do it for me...oh honey, could you wait a second before you spluge on my face i need to appy a little lavendar to make me feel better about it.... OK NO! I'm sure the guys over at Nip/Tuck are loving this right now, along with every man across the world. Here's a show that actually encourages men to cum on their wives, girlfriends, or one night stand's faces!!!! How is it that men can make a quick $50 jacking off into a cup and now turn around and sell it for more than double that as freakin face cream!!!! once again, I'm speachless...

I think women should start bottling breast milk and selling to men with a statement that it boosts your sex drive and penis size. Watch those suckers drink that shit...maybe add a little beer flavor...

What's ok and what's not ok...

So over the past couple weeks I've noticed that some of my peripheral friends have become, let's say, grouchy... Not grumpy where in the offending party simply states, "yo I'm in a bad mood," but more like creates such a tense environment that all you want to do is run away. What can you do for these people? I'm at a total loss, because this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable to me. I would NEVER just be grumpy for the sake of being so and then make my friend feel bad for living. How can these people allow themselves to treat others this way! for example, the other night i was talking to a friend about men...what else is new right? Anyway, this friend is ready for a boyfriend but is having some difficulty finding one in the city. So she starts asking me about the great guy I'm dating and then as soon as i finish she prompts me to ask her, "so how are you doing?" To this she responds, "not good." I'm thinking, shit what's wrong? what happened? So I tell her everything will be ok and that I'm sorry. to this she responds with, "wrong answer." UHMMM WHAT!!!!!!! ??? what does that mean? What do you say to that? I was so irritated I hung up! it was like I was set up in the conversation to feel bad about the fact that things are good in my life.

Anyway, any words of wisdom concerning this fall grump that some seem to be in, would be much appreciated. I'm at a total loss...

Cheer the fuck up people! It's almost turkey time!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Tunnel Vision \ ten-l vi-zhen \

Tunnel Vision (n).
  • An extremely narrow point of view, where much treasured girlfriends are momentarily out of the line of sight due to new or longstanding relationship with a man.
  • A condition that, after a break-up or brush off from significant other, may cause severe loneliness, isolation and/or detachment from past friendships.

OK, I admit, we’ve all fallen victim to this once…and hopefully learned from it and know never to do it again. So, if you’re someone that currently finds themselves at the mercy of this plight, just a “friendly reminder” to start taking a look at your balancing skills.

I hate to quote grandma’s old needlepoint sampler on this, but it still rings true…

“Men may come and go, but friends are forever”

Guilt-Ridden Rave: Global Warming

Yes, I feel guilty, but can you blame me? It’s been 70 degrees and sunny… in November. I haven’t even done “the changing of the cloth” yet. My winter clothes are still packed neatly and stored, while by cute skirts and tops are enjoying hanging on the hanger well past their time. Global warming has certainly showed us what happens when we ignore our precious resources. With all the hurricanes, tornadoes, and summer weather we should wake up to what’s happening to our environment. I should be wearing a scarf, but just this one time, I’m going to have a guilt-ridden rave and say, I secretly love it. Now stop reading this, go outside for a run and then change into a cute outfit. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my environmentally friendly self.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Shoe and Dress Match Made In Heaven...or Strawberries.

Being Fabulash is not easy. I have found the most precious, stunning cocktail dress only to be hampered by lack of shoe options to match said dress. I was on a mission to find that perfect shoe yesterday. I hit every store on my walk down 5th Avenue. I would find a brown shoe, but no, too dark. A gold shoe, but alas, to shiny. A bronze shoe, only to discover the salesman completely disagreed with that option based on the length of my dress. I moved on. Store to store. I even went to the basement of Daffy's (gasp!). As I moved between the cramped aisles of shoes and oversized women carrying tons of cheap clothes, I thought I saw a gem! What is this? Dior! In Daffy's! It wasn't a perfect shoe and dress match made in heaven, but for Dior...I could make that work. I excitedly grabbed the shoe, relief swept over me and then, upon closer inspection to my dismay this wasn't a was DONI? That's it. I threw the shoe down, ran as fast as I could out of that hellhole and reminded myself why I don't go there in the first place. Doni. I continued on in the face of defeat. I came across a Strawberries and thought, "what the hell? I've already sunk pretty low on this one." So, I went in only to find the exact bronze shoe that the salesman talked me out of at Nine West, but for half the price. It's an adorable peek-a-boo toe wedge in deep bronze. IT WAS A SHOE SHOPPING SIGN! Without any hesitation, I grabbed the shoes and bought them. I grinned as I walked out of the store. It may have took me two hours only to buy the exact shoe I saw first, but I knew my efforts weren't in vain. I now have the perfect shoe accessory for my perfect little dress.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


So have you ever noticed...

...when you're out on a date with a guy who's not really your typical style, and you're unsure about the attraction... happen to go to a bar or restaurant where suddenly you're surrounded by about twenty guys who are exactly your type and also gorgeous?

And that it never happens when you're out for a night with the girls?

Yeah, I thought so.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Endless Agony- The Periles of Work Travel

I love to hear excited young executives tell me how they want to travel more and can't wait to take business trips. I was once one of these bright-eyed travel bound twentysomethings. But after years of endless agony, schelping, missed connections, delays, bad hotels and long days, I have a new position on business travel. It's called "Only If you haven't done it enough." People who say they want to travel for work simply just haven't done it enough. I write this as I sit on the damp, cold floor of the Seattle airport. Another delay. Rain, doesn't really matter. What matters is that I'm stuck and I'm tired. Oh, and there is zero eye candy to pass the time. I'm over-caffeinated, over-worked and just plain OVER this.

On the bright side, I did score some fabulous Indie finds, heard some good music and met some fabulous filmmakers in the 32 hour stint in the blustery Northwest.

While work travel can take you to exotic cities, expensive restaurants and amazing parties, in the end, you sometimes can only remember the endless agony of it all.

Here's a quick checklist to make it all slightly more bearable:

1. The newest issue of InStyle
2. Travel pillow and eye mask (my I suggest the "wake me when it's over" line on
3. Sex & The City DVD's
4. Starbucks
5. US Weekly
6. iPOD
7. Hoodie
and pills....

Monday, September 26, 2005

Cheese & Wine Pairing 101

The summer is quickly coming to an end and for the first time in months, all of your friends are in town on the weekends. What better way to toast in the new season (other than with new fall clothes-- I'm loving all the browns this season) than to have a girl’s night in!

A cheese and wine party is simple, delicious and well, just plain old girl's night in fun. Here's a few simple 101 pairing rules that will have everyone thinking you are a sophisticated, fabulous host.

Goat or Sheep’s Milk Cheese:

Goat and Sheep's Milk cheeses pair nicely with Sauvignon Blancs and Merlots...wines that will complement the tangy cheese flavors. From your traditional goat cheese to Manchego or Feta, try pairing any of these cheeses with one white and one red wine and notice the subtle flavor profiles that become more enhanced depending on the varietals. You can also pair with Cabernet or Chardonnay.

Blue Cheese:

Think Gorgonzola, Stilton or Roquefort. These cheeses pair well with sweeter wines such as Riesling or full flavored Zinfandels (note, not white or blush Zinfandels).


Ahhh, Brie. This lovely cheese pairs wonderfully with Syrahs or Chardonnays. Either of these wines will enhance the subtle flavors found in soft cheeses.

Aged Cheese:

Whether you plan to serve a robust Vermont Cheddar or Swiss Gruyere, pair these types of cheeses with full-bodied reds, such as a Merlot or a full bodied white, such as Chardonnay.

Fresh Cheese:

Mozzarella, Ricotta or Boursin all pair well with light, crisp wines such as a White Zinfandel or Pinot Noir. Personally, I'd pick the Pinot any day, but either works nicely.

Cheers to the Fall Season!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

An experience to talk about but never do again...Hurrydating!

In true city girl fashion last night I decided to take a risk and step out of my box a little. A friend and I decided to go to one of these parties where you spend a few minutes with a guy, then they blow a whistle and the guys switch up. Sounds ok right? Well, see, if the guys would have been normal it might have been an interesting experience, but instead you had a room full of hot women and some HUGE dorks. I mean these guys come out of the woodwork and the closet...And I say closet, because I shit you not...5 of the 30 I spoke to (yeh I know I really did speak to 30 men) were most definitely GAY! Not just a little gay, as in confused, bewildered, whatever...they were full of homosexuals trying to talk to me about how great fashion week is because it allows you to express your inner child through dress... People, I am NOT kidding.

Ok so, we arrive at this bar in the village, I guzzle down 3 vodka tonics, knowing I'm in this for the long haul and start to survey the pickings. The first guy to arrive was about 5'5, 125 with some funky ass teeth. All I could think about was, wow...I have to talk to this man about something in a few minutes. Soon Ted, the hurrydate ringleader blew his big whistle and lined us up. Let me just take a moment now to descibe Ted. Ted is bald, wears thick glasses, had on a plaid shirt over a white t-shirt, had the pitch of a 5 year old girl to his voice and was most definitley GAY. What was strange was that 20 min later, I was talking to him and he told me had a girlfriend!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON HERE?! There was no way this guy was straight... and then I started to panic thinking, is this some kind of born again christian thing where they make gay guys talk and hit on hot women to make them straight again? I swear it was the wierdest thing ever!

The dating begins... I look to my friend, Ted blows the whistle and we're off... Literally like horses out of the gate, Lou starts talking my ear off about how he loves these events because it gets him out of the house. WOW...Lou was special. he was a software engineer who doesn't date much and really enjoys video games, papaya hot dogs and pez... But I now knew that he was a lifer for hurrydate...Note to self...WHAT WAS I THINKING!

Next was Frank, who seemed like a totally normal guy...Investment banker, cute, could talk to me without spitting on me or making me feel itchy and wierd...But then he stood up and was I think maybe 5'2... oh yeh, can you see me with this one...boob height, not even...maybe nani height!

Then there was Paul. Paul was just angry. he was mad because this was his 10th hurrydate session and he still didn't have a girlfriend. Well Paul, you're 36, angry looking, wear eye liner, your pants are around the mid of your ass and you smell...SHOCKER!

I won't even continue describing these guys, because it's just too much for me right now...I'm laughing outloud just thinking back.

Just be aware... This activity will provide you humor for the rest of your life. I strongly suggest every woman go to one just so when they are down they can think back to that night and laugh their asses off!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

She Said, He Said

I have to wonder? Is it always a tale of "she said...he said?"

She said- "We had an amazing time. We had so much in common and could just talk forever."
He said- "She wouldn't be quiet for just one second. And that outfit she was wearing made her body look weird."

She said- "We're taking the next step...we're going to live together"
He said- "I can't figure out what to do with my life. I guess I'll live with her to test it out, you know, see if it's what I really want."

She said- "I heart him. I have a major crush."
He said- "Tell your friend to stop texting me."

Ladies, ladies,'s a thought:

Let's start thinking in the "he said" mode. When it comes to your man, or a possible man, you have to think "what is it that I'm thinking and wanting?" Then...think of the exact opposite...that's the "he said" thinking that will put you back on track.

Don't be another tale of the "She Said."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Heart Mick Jagger

Now, I know that plenty of this blog is dedicated to the criticism of men. And why not? There's so much to criticize. And yet, so much to praise. So let me introduce you to the first in a many-part series dedicated to the men -- and perhaps women -- who make us swoon, giggle, and maybe even -- gasp! -- think. (Stay tuned for such crazes as "I heart Ben Harper," "I heart Topher Grace," and "I heart Anderson Cooper"). So I figured I best start with the oldest of them, and we can work our way up to modern times. Mick, at six hundred and thirty-two, I love you because:

...when the lights came up and you strutted onto the stage last night, I couldn't wipe the silly grin off of my face. For two hours. I mean really, it's Mick Jagger. are just so darned fabulous. Hot accent aside, let's face it, homeboy was rocking the heroin chic look years before Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie's mothers began producing the eggs that eventually spawned those malnourished freaks. Further, you changed outfits four times in two hours. You transitioned effortlessly between sparkly black belly tank, gold lame shirt, long black velvet coat, and pink (dare I say salmon?) button-down. Even your guitar was sparkly.*

...I'm raging jealous of your body. Your lips are the real version of what Pamela Anderson is striving for with those silicon-stuffed monstrosities. Your cut arms are the reason I keep going to that tortuous pilates class. Your hips are probably, oh, half the size of mine.'ve got moves. We know, baby, that Axl Rose didn't invent the slinky side-to-side rocker dance. That was all you.

...I think you really understand me. When you belted out "I Can't Get No Satisfaction," I felt as though you knew that only 22 percent of New York's happening ladies are getting any're the only British rocker I know who can channel the Rastafarian grooves of Bob Marley ("Stand Up For Your Rights") and the soulful feel of a classic blues master ("Back of My Hand") within the span of an hour. teach me a lot. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, ladies, you just might get what you need.

Perhaps some of you may think that this review of Mick is over the top. I know, I know, it's only rock and roll, but guess what? I like it. Have you had enough of my lyrical reference obnoxiousness? Then I'll stop now.

*Special props here to Keith Richards for his sparkly headband. We love it, man. But you are not, I repeat NOT, fabulous.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Top 10 Signs That You Had A Fabulash Weekend

10. You spend Friday night with your ladies, drinking great wine, watching Sex & The City, and talking over each other with updates from the week

9. The daytime on Saturday is filled with a refreshing morning run, shopping, roaming the city and a little rooftop pool time

8. Disco nap followed by fashion show of possible Saturday night outfits

7. Summer Sangria

6. Rum-soaked fruit

5. Glamorous rooftop party...with a keg for good measure

4. Blackouts

3. Dancing on tables, limo rides and bottle service

2. Seven hour Sunday afternoon brunch

And the number one sign that you had a Fabulash weekend....


The Art of Kissing and How Men Ruin it

So the other day i was talking to all my girls about how it is that most men just can't get it right. I mean we all know they have problems with "getting their shit together," and "finding themselves," but I have to say that their biggest challenge definitely has to be the Art of Kissing! In this little note I will describe a few of the techniques men use that they think are awesome, but actually trigger the gag reflex.

Tongue Fucker:
This guy feels the need to totally consume your face. He shoves his tongue down your throat so deep that you're lucky if you don't puke all over him. At first you try to moderate the tongue action by slowly backing off, then you take high alert level by slowly blocking entry into your mouth and then finally you have no choice but to take it to Defcom 3 and beat him at his own game...fuck that fucker back!

The Lizard:
This usually friendly guy seems to think that keeping your mouth slightly open and pushing and pulling his tongue back and forth like a reptile is's not. I just want to scream, "STOP IT, YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT!"

The Slimer:
This is usually the biggest disappointment because you think he's going to be a great kisser! You start of good with lot's good sucking action, but then you soon realize you no longer have any make-up on...why is that you ask? Because he's licked it off and left you slimey and gross wondering what's that smell?

The Hollow Mouth:
This guy, well you just don't really know what's going on here...Do they have a tongue? Do they have some kind of problem using it? I have no words for this one other than, "please god, don't suck all the air out of me!!!"

Ok enough for now...I have more, but I'll save them for later...until then...GOOD LUCK!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

NYC Guy Profile #5: Pee'd on... No, it's not that dirty minds!

Age: 30
Height: 6'0
Appearance: average and super super preppy, I'm talking suede driving shoes preppy people!
Eyes: brown/ hazel
Living situation: lives in a two bedroom in Murray Hill with hated roommate
Career: works for a small Indie label

Meeting Synopsis: you meet for a date. He waits for you outside your building and you take two insane dogs to the dog run. He walks the crazy little wire terrier while wearing a pink and green striped shirt...looking a little gay huh? yeh...well, he tried. So there you are...walking two little dogs to the dog run. You get there all is fine, until a dog pee's all over your leg...what do you do? what do you do? Do you cry? do you freak out? uhmmm...errr... a DOG JUST PEE'D ON YOUR LEG!!!! MOTHER OF PEARL! So he runs and gets a bottle of water to help you wash it off and on you go with your date. You then drop the dogs off and go to dinner, where he proceeds to get a call from his brother announcing his engagement, followed by a slew of phone calls from everyone else in the family..."Super!" you say, because really, what the hell else are you going to say, "no you can't talk to your family because you're on a date." yeh for about an hour he's on the phone celbrating, but he soon rejoins the date...thank god! Apres dinner you head to play a little golf, where to you play dumb a little so he can show you how to hit...hmmm...this is an eternal you play dumb and let his ego have a go or do you show him you rock at driving a ball???!!! questions questions? So you play it cool, he's happy, you're happy, everyone is now happy! you leave and go back to your place to watch a movie and make out a little bit. You then tell him he's not getting laid...nice huh? hehehehe uhmmm yehh... he leaves and says he'll call you tomorrow. Note: NEVER TRUST A GUY WHO TELLS YOU HE'S GOING TO CALL YOU TOMORROW! HE'S NOT!

Deal Breaker: It had to be the pee...seriously, the pee. Otherwise there's no excuse! So the thing you learn from this date is...well, see I don't know what you learn from this other than you think you have a good date and then you're left hanging...someone please figure this one out for me...Thanks!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NYC Guy Profile #4: The Sex Only Guy

Age: 29
height: 6'1
Build: Average with nice hands
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light brown
Profession: Richard Gere In Pretty Woman
Residence: Owns a 3 bedroom on 51st and 2nd in Landmark Building...uhmm yeh...gorgeous

Meeting Synopsis: You meet him online. He sends you a "you're hot" email, which you find oddly flattering. Why? who knows why? These things always seem like a good idea at the time and then you're like, SHIT! what the fuck was I thinking!!!!

Details: So you start talking on AIM which by the way is NEVER a good way to start something. Of course it turns into full out Sex talk with questions about how you like it even as far as what color condoms you've used. If you're reading this, yes, this is're right. So you decide to meet him at his go into this knowing you're going to get laid and who knows from there. Now a sane person would be like, ok now I'm going to a strangers apt...THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!! That didn't stop the mission though. Show up at the apt, he's cute. Sit down, drink a bottle of wine...savignon blanc, which he of course picked up from your conversation is your fav wine... then you get it on. And I mean GET IT ON. THis guy happens to be the BEST lover you've ever had...he has mad skills you never knew existed!!! Your eyes have now been opened.

Deal Breaker: You leave. Well, it was sex afterall and he probably would've called you a cab, but you just leave on your own. Ahhh yes, feels cheap huh? cheap but fabulous!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

NYC Guy Profile #3: The Red Flag

Age: 32 (although he doesn't admit it)
Height: 6’
Build: Athletic skater boy
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Shaggy blond-brown
Profession: All and none
Residence: 3 BR in East Village

Meeting Synopsis: He is the guy you notice when you enter the room. Tall, confident with a nice smile. When you are talking with him you find yourself staring at his perfectly white teeth wondering how regularly a person can use Crest Whitestripes without damaging their gums. On the inside, your inner high school self is jumping up and down that the cutest guy in the room is talking to you... inviting you outside... where your "cigarette break" turns into a sidewalk kiss-fest...

Relationship Details: No long term aspirations. Most relationships last from 2am-4:30am on a Saturday night.

Deal-Breaker: When you find out he's made out with three of your girlfriends, he is red flagged. Avoid at all costs, but continue talking about him with your other kissed girlfriends.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Those LIPS!

There they were, perfect, soft, with a great set of teeth right behind them. At first Luke's mouth wasn't really that striking, but as the evening progressed and we pressed on with our 2 for 1 beers and $3.80 bloody mary's we soon noticed the mouth.

So this is Luke...cute, blondish brown hair, lawyer, a wisconsinite, very nice, smart, with a good sense of humor, and lips that go for days. No, not lashes or legs, but lips. It's a rare thing these days to find a guy with great lips...I mean think about it. We abuse our lips all the time and I don't know too many men who regulary apply moisturizer or sunblock to keep the soft and unchapped. So you can imagine what a shock it was to see a guy with these perfect lips! I KNOW I was not the only person that noticed them. There was a lot of caressing and smiling and blatant in your face flirting that night at the Buck...Maybe it was the Wisconsin air or the anticipation of finally seeing a Meth addict, I don't know, I don't know, but everything was VERY exciting about that night.

Alas, we did not suck those lips, we were just not up for the threesome that night, although the indepth conversation about vibrators and other pleasing topics did get all of us going. There was no way any ONE of us were going to let lucsious Luke go, so we took our drunk asses home. Just a note to Luke wherever you always have a place to rest your lips in New York.

P.S. Post weekend follow up confirms he thinks we are "Smokin' hot".

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The many "interesting" people you meet

Meet Jon, AKA ,psycho!
So he calls me on a wed night to make plans to grab a cup of coffee the next week at 7pm. I knew I was heading down to DC for the weekend and coming back on Monday afternoon but what the hell I though I could make it by 7. I prob could've, looking back on the whole thing now, but I just didn't care enough and wanted a break from all the travelling and shit. So I emailed him at 3 and told him I was still in DC could we reschedule...Maybe this was a huge request to some, but to me it wasn't such a big deal. Life gets in the way sometimes and we work around it right? Well, Mr. Psycho decided that this behavior is unacceptable and in his words, "what do you think this is? No, I don't want to rechedule. We are 4 hours from out date and you're still 100's of miles away." uhmmm yeh, red flag #1!!!! most women would have just been like, well, ok that's it ciao, but me, the idiot, thought he was kidding and wrote back something like, "oh stop, let's just do it tomorrow." yeh, he wasn't kidding because then he called me an asshole and a fucking tramp. Seriously, I've never seen anything like it! Here's a guy I'm meeting for a CUP OF FUCKING COFFEE, calling me a tramp and and asshole! So I told him he has problems and needs to take his meds...Damn, I wish I could cut and paste the whole convo...
My question is, what is wrong with this guy?!!! I know that most men are not like this, because hearing the reactions of my guy friends, which were, "is that guy nuts," reassured me that most men are pretty normal. But, come on!!!! Can you imagine if I'd gone out with this guy and one time I was late for dinner?!!! That might have been grounds for killing me with a butter knife! What a nut!

I guess this whole experience has taught me that you have to watch out! oh! and I'm NEVER meeting a guy for coffee ever again. That's going to be red flag #1!!!!!!