Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Shoe and Dress Match Made In Heaven...or Strawberries.

Being Fabulash is not easy. I have found the most precious, stunning cocktail dress only to be hampered by lack of shoe options to match said dress. I was on a mission to find that perfect shoe yesterday. I hit every store on my walk down 5th Avenue. I would find a brown shoe, but no, too dark. A gold shoe, but alas, to shiny. A bronze shoe, only to discover the salesman completely disagreed with that option based on the length of my dress. I moved on. Store to store. I even went to the basement of Daffy's (gasp!). As I moved between the cramped aisles of shoes and oversized women carrying tons of cheap clothes, I thought I saw a gem! What is this? Dior! In Daffy's! It wasn't a perfect shoe and dress match made in heaven, but for Dior...I could make that work. I excitedly grabbed the shoe, relief swept over me and then, upon closer inspection to my dismay this wasn't a was DONI? That's it. I threw the shoe down, ran as fast as I could out of that hellhole and reminded myself why I don't go there in the first place. Doni. I continued on in the face of defeat. I came across a Strawberries and thought, "what the hell? I've already sunk pretty low on this one." So, I went in only to find the exact bronze shoe that the salesman talked me out of at Nine West, but for half the price. It's an adorable peek-a-boo toe wedge in deep bronze. IT WAS A SHOE SHOPPING SIGN! Without any hesitation, I grabbed the shoes and bought them. I grinned as I walked out of the store. It may have took me two hours only to buy the exact shoe I saw first, but I knew my efforts weren't in vain. I now have the perfect shoe accessory for my perfect little dress.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


So have you ever noticed...

...when you're out on a date with a guy who's not really your typical style, and you're unsure about the attraction... happen to go to a bar or restaurant where suddenly you're surrounded by about twenty guys who are exactly your type and also gorgeous?

And that it never happens when you're out for a night with the girls?

Yeah, I thought so.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Endless Agony- The Periles of Work Travel

I love to hear excited young executives tell me how they want to travel more and can't wait to take business trips. I was once one of these bright-eyed travel bound twentysomethings. But after years of endless agony, schelping, missed connections, delays, bad hotels and long days, I have a new position on business travel. It's called "Only If you haven't done it enough." People who say they want to travel for work simply just haven't done it enough. I write this as I sit on the damp, cold floor of the Seattle airport. Another delay. Rain, doesn't really matter. What matters is that I'm stuck and I'm tired. Oh, and there is zero eye candy to pass the time. I'm over-caffeinated, over-worked and just plain OVER this.

On the bright side, I did score some fabulous Indie finds, heard some good music and met some fabulous filmmakers in the 32 hour stint in the blustery Northwest.

While work travel can take you to exotic cities, expensive restaurants and amazing parties, in the end, you sometimes can only remember the endless agony of it all.

Here's a quick checklist to make it all slightly more bearable:

1. The newest issue of InStyle
2. Travel pillow and eye mask (my I suggest the "wake me when it's over" line on
3. Sex & The City DVD's
4. Starbucks
5. US Weekly
6. iPOD
7. Hoodie
and pills....