Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fall is on its way...I love fall!

As Fall items officially dropped on retail floors a couple days ago, yes, July 25th (although walking through bloomies on sunday felt like Thanksgiving) I'm very excited to share some choice items that I'm completely in love with for fall and now have to figure out how I'm going to get my hands on some of them!!!!

These adorable Brian Atwoods are just stunning! That red is perfection and I can already see them on my feet! How much fun would it be to throw those on with a short little black dress with a bubble bottom!!!? I think I would walk down the street just looking at my feet, which is not very elegant, but who cares!!! LOOK AT THEM! ($510)

What can I say about these Christian Laboutin! The chocolate suede just screams touch me and the red sole can really just make an outfit...You think I'm crazy right? well no...because say you are wearing a perfectly fit Akris pencil skirt with a stunning crisp white Thomas Pink button down, with a sexy high waisted belt...and then those shoes! How adorable is that as you run to catch a cab showing off your very sexy soles! I just think it makes the shoe...otherwise, it's just a platform, and well...then just go to Steve Madden. I saw he's making a copy of these already if you can't spend the $770 on these, Steve prbably has them for like $80!!!

This Carlos Falchi Croc skin bag is glorious in the picture,but 100 times more incredible in person! It has a classic shape and is easy to carry. Ok, let's be serious here, this bag costs around $5000 so I'm not going to be sprinting to my nearest SAKS to buy it, but a girl can dream right?! ANd these days smaller bag companies are modifying and perfecting croco-like leathers to perfection for as cheap as $150!!! I'm just bowing to Mr. are a master of your craft!

These Giuseppe Zanotti wedges are more than fabulous...they're super fabulous! I personally could NEVER walk in them, but I know people who could! How great are these!!!!!??? If these were a little but smaller in the heel they would be my shoes of the season! But, I'd top off at 6'3 in these puppies and well, that's just not going to work next to my 6'2 bf... But, I had to show you all and if you feel you can pull them off, then wear them in good health and enjoy the shit out of them!!! I'm jealous!!!!! ($495)

This very pretty Mary Margill necklace is one of the coolest I've seen from fall collections...I see alot of collections...a ton of new designers and I've pretty much know when was coming out for fall since many months back, but I hadn't seen this and I just love it. I think it sends a great message and also serves as a wonderful reminder of our strength. This is a MUST HAVE! ($650)

SO there you have a few desired items...I think they are delicious on so many levels! AND, I'm sure there will some great copies coming out very soon...thank god!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A cool Show...another reason to love New York!

Yesterday is a little fuzzy when I try to think back to where my day began...The usual, get up, shower, jump in a cab to all day doing a ton of stuff that usually leads to a tiny conclusion, then ran home, ran to my boot camp class at the gym, sweated my ever-expanding ass off, sprinted home, showered, jumped in a cab and arrived at my destination...the Sean Kelly Gallery on 29th between 10th and 11th.

The exibit was a side by side display of Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol's Celebrity Portraits. This is the first time these two artist have been displayed side by side, and even though it's a very quick walk-through, it is very cool to see. Andy's polaroids are very fun to examine and Robert's bigger prints all have something just so captivating about them. My favorite was most definitely the Mapplethorpe of Isabella Rossellini. She is just gorgeous! From Mick Jagger to Copote, there are so many different personalities to look at! Everything is for sale ranging from $7500 to $85,000 so if it's not all sold already, you can get some great stuff!

Following that nice little walk-through, we jumped over to Pre Post for a quick dinner. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had the Chillean Sea bass and it was well prepared, with a sake, mushroom and pineapple sauce. It was the perfect portion as well, which I find is important these days...Usually the portion size is off and I end up feeling too full or still hungry. From there we walked a couple blocks and decided to jump in a cab home. It was another great New York evening...always something interesting to do and great places to eat with great people.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A few fun new lines to def check out!

I had the opportunity to attend the POOL trade show yesterday. POOL is a show for Innovative designers and offers the latest in trends and development. It's really fantastic and I saw some really amazing new collections of jewelry, clothing and handbags. Below are a few lines I thought were very fun!

RXapparel- Christina Ewald is a vintage genius! She makes the most adorable and out there things from old clothing! She had a sweater there with CareBear printed was just that cute. But she doesn't just do the "cute" type...she also designs for numerous well known bands and rockers. She is admired for her rough constructions and great color choices. I absolutely LOVED it! check her out at

Mimi Turner-
Mimi might already be well known in the fashion world, but she has a wonderful way of keeping it real. She's this fabulous Cuban chic who makes incredible clothing that flatters the female form. AND her color choices are perfect. She can really pick shades that flatter most women, while staying with the seasons choice pantone scheme...

CO.KEE Studio- This brand is just great. These two guys from LA started this very funny clothing line of Tshirts and tanks with some damn funny definitions. For example: RED STATE (hart-land)n. 1. Vast non-coastal area of USA whur all them people's still Jesus in thur hearts. See also God's Country.
I seriously almost peed my pants! Oh wait, another one...
Soap Star (Sha-lo)n. 1. Relatively unknown, unappreciated actor. 2 Huge superstar in easter Europe. See also Job Security.
hahaha I LOVE IT! there are so many more.

Shalgo- awesome line of ipod holders, wallets and other fun stuff made totally out of duct tape...

Jacqui Chazen Designs:
uhmmm just cool. Buttery soft leather in belts, watch bands that wrap around, and braided hair bands...really pretty and look good on everyone!

There were so many more that I could write about...and I might, just not right now. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I know a lot of foodies who talk about chefs as if they are personal friends...and that's cool, some of these chefs are very talented and inspirational and really form trends. I think of all people to admire, chefs are a good choice.

You think of Mario Batali and his incredible restaurants and line of cookwear and personality and we're sucked into his world. When we watch him prepare his plates, we wish we were THAT good. Look at Anthony him. He's fun, cool, can cook and opens worlds up to us that we never saw before on his show, No Reservations.

This is exactly what happened to me last night as I sat on the couch and watch Anthony introduce me to famous chef, Ferran Andria. You think you've seen a lot...nope, you think you've eaten many different types of probably have not. This chef is a revolutionary in the purest sense of the word. He goes against EVERY traditional interpretation of cooking. The idea that a crazy mess in the kitchen with steam and stuff everywhere, with people yelling and chef drilling everyone is what creative cooking is all's not. What I saw was amazing! This man is a genius. He takes to back to the basic essense of food and then completely changes your perception of what is acceptable. Fried fish with cotton candy...frozen foie gras shaving with broth...carrot ginger foam, snowballs filled with strawberries...and yet it all works. He works in a lab with chemical formulas to make sure that every step is accounted for. He makes food better than you ever though it could be. His kitchen is almost silent and spotless. Every step is perfect.

His restaurant, El Bulli, located in the hill north of Barcelona might just be the toughest reservation to get in the world. The meal is a 20 course serving that challenges your senses and makes you think about food completely differently. I think I might make a reservation now so that in 5 years we can go!

I strongly encourage everyone to look this chef up and to learn more about him and what he's all about. I definately plan on it!
Oh! and watch No Reservations on the travel channel! What a great show!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Del Posto for a birthday dinner...not to shabby.

Finally! Del Posto! I have never wanted to eat a restaurant so bad and have been looking forward to this meal for such a long time! When I found out we were headed to Del Posto for my birthday I was counting the days!!!

It was everything I thought it would be. The place is beautifuly designed inside to give a grand impression. There are fresh flowers, a stunning long bar to the side, stairs it seems everywhere running downstairs in the front and upstairs in the back center. There are marble topped stations that cool drinks and keep freshly prepared food warm right in the center of the seating, carts with goodies like cheese, fresh cookies and chocolate for the tasting, and my favorite...very cool floors. I absolutely noticed that first when i walked in. It has a very Vasarely feel to it and the colors are great. It create a wonderful depth to the space.

The staff was also very nice. Everyone was calm and attentive...we had a little issue with finding a salt grinder that worked, but it was pretty funny and after that nothing went wrong. For starters we ordered the anitpasta plate, which was very yum...A little parma a little cheese, some lovely olives and fresh summer squash. ALl washed down with some refreshing prosecco...perfect!

For primi we went with the choice of 3 pastas for the table. We began with a ravioli filed with short ribs, topped with butter and leeks...AMAZING! Next, we had gnocchi with wite beans and asparugus pesto...also very good. And finally we had fresh spinach pene with bolognese sauce. That pasta was had the perfect consistency and really compimented its sauce,which was just outstanding.

For secondi I had the duck...The best duck I've ever had. I think it beat out the duck I had at the SW steak house at the Wynn in Las Vegas, and that's hard to beat, because that really was the best meal I've ever had. It was really just fantastic! It melted in my mouth and had a wonderful sweet/salty glaze on it that really finished it off well.

For desert, I of course did the chocolate tasting. The chocolates ranged from 60% cacao, 72% to 90%!!!!! That was a really fun experience. Just tasting the different levels of cacao was interesting and very enlightening...I personally like the 72% the best. It had a creamy enough base but had a wonderful full taste. The 90% wasn't very good at had a sour after taste and crumbled in my didn't melt well at all...but it was very cool to taste. Ken had a Salzbuger Nokerl, a very yummy rasberry puff thing, with a lemon basil cream tower next to it...ALSO great! And I had laveder Chamomile tea...very smooth and settled my stomach perfectly.

The meal ended with some incredible fresh cookies and a little bag to go of fresh bread cute is that!!!!

After 3 1/2 hours... our meal ended. It was really just so much fun and I can't wait to go back!!!! It's not cheap, but I've definitely paid that much money at a huge group dinner where all I ate was a small meal and a half a glass of wine, while everyone else got wasted on drink after drink...THIS was soooo much more worth it!

I strongly suggest you go to Del Posto!!!

OH! And a side note!!! Ken got me a wonderful bday present!!!!! I am the proud new owner of the top of the line Ice Cream machine!!! whoo hooo! I can't wait to make fresh gelato and other fun stuff!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006


I've realized that I just ADORE this city! When I leave it for a day too long, I miss it. When I'm discussing it with other city dwellers, I get super excited to tell them about all the amazing things we have here. When I think and dream about NYC, my dreams are always filled with great images and wonderful memories. There's just no other place like NYC.

I have lived in other cities, many of them also exciting and wonderful, but there's just no getting over New may think you are beat down and tired,but then you leave and it haunts you,because you will always know how incredible it is here. This is not to say that everyone is meant to live here. I know many who get cranky about the crowded streets and say New Yorker's are nasty and whatever, but when someone leaves here by choice, another moves right in to start their fantastic adventure! Some people are just not city people and need more grass, a car to drive to work everyday...that's totally acceptable,but not for me. This city gives me energy everyday! I love hearing the sirens of the fire trucks, the smell of coffee and bacon streaming from the deli in the morning...I love the craziness on the subway in the morning, well, when I'm not waiting 30 min for a train, but I just love seeing all the different types of people. I've lived here for 4 years now and it just doesn't get old. Soon I'll move from Gramercy to who know where in the city,but it will be a whole new adventure and feel I'm sure.

Anyway, this weekend was wonderful! It was a sort of birthday weekend and my two very best friends from school came up to visit. It was amazing having them here, as usual and when they left it felt terrible and I'll miss them till I see them again in August.

The weekend started with drinks at a local bar with a bunch of my friends and my boyfriends friends all meeting up. Very calm and so good to see everyone! Saturday continued in style with a spa day for 13 friends. It was so nice to relax in a steam room and sauna! It was short, but worth it! Later that night we met up on the rooftop of 230 5th ave for a little drinkin...I'm just so lucky to have great people in my life! Ken bought a bottle of champagne to start off the evening and then a bottle of vodka to keep it going:) It was just perfect sitting there over looking the empire state building and the rest of this wonderful city! It was such a great night...It was the perfect birthday.

Sunday we went to 5 points for brunch...uhmmm...I have no words...just so good. Then we moved onto a little shopping then home to watch the world cup finals!!! whooo hooo!!!! I couldn't be happier about Italy's win!!! What an incredible end to a loooooong game! I called my house to congratulate my dad and there was music and I could hear my mom in the background singing the anthem...I swear it was like New Years over there!!! SoOOOOOOOO exciting!

Then Ken and I wrapped up the perfect weekend with an early birthday present...a magnificent box of chocolates from Maison du Chocolat, some pizza and seeing the movie, Cars....super cute!

Anyway, it was a great weekend! Everything went so smoothly and I had a wonderful time!