Friday, December 13, 2013

Kids and Fashion

I have pretty strong opinions on things in case you haven't noticed.  I absolutely LOATHE Disney princesses and wish they would all disappear.  I hate hearing my girls say, "mommy, I want to dress like a princess."  No, you're not going to do that. You are not going to put on a polyester mixed with toxic chemicals piece of crap and look ridiculous. Nope...not gonna happen. And I'm certainly NOT going to take pictures of you in said dresses and post them on social media. I don't understand these people who do this!  Do they think it's cute? Do they think I'm looking at that image thinking wow I really need to get my kid crap clothes that's bad for them?

On the topic of kiddie fashion, I dress my kids like I would dress myself. I get told at least once a day how amazing my kids always look and asking where I get their clothing. People ask my husband, they ask me on social media to start kiddie fashion blogs and to help dress their kids. I'm flattered but I have to say, I don't spend a ton of money of my kids clothing. Most things I buy at consignment shops because I believe that recycling clothing is important and also, things made 3-5 years ago were just made better, with better cotton and construction.  I also buy the basics; jeans, cords, leggings and solid shirts and GAP and Old Navy and H&M on sale. I buy dresses and pretty things from smaller designers on I don't do tons of prints because they tend to look cheap and dated. I also NEVER do character shirts or logos...yuck.  I buy clothes that fit my kids and are current with the styles that I wear. For example, you would not catch me wearing boot cut or flare jeans, so why would I force my 3 year old to wear that. I'm also not afraid of layering and colors like white, black and navy. I buy my kids shoes at target, along with the Nordstrom shoes sale.  I take the time to look at the washes on the jeans and see which one looks better on which kid.  None of this is time consuming or rocket science, but what has become clear is some parents either don't know how to dress themselves or just don't give a shit about what their kids wear.  And that's fine!  I'm not judging you...listen we all have our "things."  There's only one thing I will judge with regards to clothing and children...........

This specific style of smocking I just can't wrap my head around. Kids look absolutely insane to me wearing these long dresses that have some kind of smocking at the top with some frilly arms...I don't know. I just don't get it. How can you look at your child in this horrible mess of an outfit and think, "wow, she looks so cute."  I'm telling you, you are blind and she doesn't.  And this idea of putting a 2 year old in a long dress....I can't deal.

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