Friday, December 20, 2013

Dollhouse Fiasco

I am not a do it your-selfer, a craft-loving person, patient...These are all things I should have considered when I purchased a very large unfinished Victorian dollhouse for my girls. I was so overwhelmed with the deal I got, that it never occurred to me to stop and think, "man it's going to take hours and hours to finish the interior of this thing AND I still need to buy furniture." My poor husband went and picked up this massive house early on Saturday morning in September. I remember him saying something along the lines of, "when the hell are you going to finish this thing? and where do you buy rugs for dollhouses?"  I laughed and thought to myself, I got this.

So flash forward to December 15th...I'm staring at the monster dollhouse. I have spent $150 on furniture, $200 on crafting supplies and I still have not touched it. I started to cry. My lovely husband standing in front of me says, "why don't we just order one done."  I seriously would have done anything for him at that moment.  If he wanted me to run naked around the house screaming, "my husband is a golden god," I would have done it.

That night I ordered a dollhouse. The Kidkraft Chelsea Dollhouse.  I thought I was in the clear!!!! Sweet!!!  Next morning I get a message saying my order has been cancelled. I order another one from a site that says they have 25 in stock. Next day, my order is cancelled they are sold out. I panic. I call 20 toy stores and finally Kidkraft and sure enough, the Chelsea is sold out till February. Shit.

So meanwhile my mom and dad are also frantically calling to find this dollhouse, because you know, this is what families do............right?  Finally my dad says, "cut the shit, order the biggest one on amazon."  He orders the Majestic Dollhouse for my twin 3 year olds. They won't be able to see the top floor but whatever...

Now my husband chimes in with, "where did you order from? Is it an amazon vendor or Amazon?" I'm like, shit.  So he says to order another one from Walmart in case the 1st one doesn't arrive in time.

December 20th. I'm sitting with 2 massive dollhouses. Have to return one and have to put one of these bad boys together.  I guess my husband is going to have a loooong Christmas Eve because God knows, I'm NOT crafty;)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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