Wednesday, December 04, 2013

My Crazy Kids

I’m pumped Christmas this year. The girls are SO into it!!! Our elf landed on Sunday night. Her name is Abby and she is tearing it up at the Miller house. The girls are in total awe of her. Went to see Santa…that was funny. They were so excited to see him and then something went wrong and after some whispering they got pissed. I wish I knew what it was, but we got a funny photo out of it.

But they are killing me with the list of stuff they want.  I mean I fight against all things princess on a daily basis and the ONE thing Aston wants and won’t stop talking about is this freakin ugly ass pink dress she saw in a toy store at our mall. She calls it her Birthday dress and tells every one who asks that’s what she wants for Christmas. I’m dying inside.   Meanwhile, I spent 2 months putting together this awesome dress up box filled with non toxic materials…sewing crowns and making wands.  And she wants this hideous dress.  I give up.  

AND they are insistent on dressing themselves now, which you also know just tears my heart out because sometimes they look insane. All of a sudden it’s all about summer dresses and tights…who does that?????  I fight to make them wear a sweater!  Thanks GOD I have control over shoes at least.  I don’t care if they wear their awesome Nike high tops with everything…at least they’re cool.  I let them pick out shoes ONCE…ONCE. They picked Camouflage pink sneakers. Let’s just say I had tears falling and Ken had to convince me to let them have them. They are so ugly it hurts. But I let them wear them and I think Sloan noticed I didn’t like them, because she asked me if I liked them, and I said no. So then for 2 weeks she tortured me by waving them in front of my face every time she got dressed. But lately I haven’t seen them so I’m thinking we’re past that phase now.  I know it’s only going to get worse but I’m fighting man, I’m really fighting.

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